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stuff and stuff. April 28, 2013

Yeah, so I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of regular updates.

It’s the last month of school (teaching) which means lots of stress. Plus other stuff going on in my life adds some more stress. Like the title says, stuff and stuff. Needless to say, I’ve not really had the motivation or the desire to share poetry or photos or even write my book. Mostly I’ve just had the desire to lay in bed all day and sleep. And maybe eat something occasionally, then sleep some more.

Buuuuuuuuuuut, I’m hoping to break out of this rut soon. Things are getting a bit better. I wrote a fairly decent poem the other night, and I talked to my best friend about a lot of stuff, and that alone is encouraging. I’m still really really really REALLY tired, but I have some awesome things to look forward to, and I’m growing a lot.

Some of the aforementioned things to look forward to:

-ALASKA!!!!!!! for practically the whole summer. I get to see some of my old friends and make new ones and be in Alaska!!!!!! it is going to be amazing and challenging and wonderful.

-NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!! my sister and I decided about four days ago that we were going to see Once on Broadway because Arthur Darvill is playing the main character, and anything that combines the awesomeness of Once with the amazing acting skills of the guy who played Rory in Doctor Who is a must-see. So we bought our plane/train/show tickets and are going! I cannot freakin wait! plus, I really miss hanging out with my sister and I have never actually traveled with just her before so it should be amazing and epic. and as an added bonus, I get to see my good friend from college who now lives in New York  because he is an awesome singer and has been auditioning for shows. super funsies!

-And duh! getting a two and a half month vacation when the school year ends!


P.S.- I may share the good poem I wrote on here. But I’m still thinking about it. Poems are strange creatures. Just when I think I’m finished with one, it jumps back out at me as being unfinished….


One Response to “stuff and stuff.”

  1. chickborski Says:

    Once should be AMAZING!!! Enjoy! And give Heath Chaney a hard time. 🙂

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