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Alaska-face! June 22, 2013

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Sometimes I think that adding face as a suffix to a word makes it a good name. Like Brother-face! or poop-face! or stupid-face! (doctor who fans….anyone????)

Anyway, I am currently sitting in Juneau, Alaska, trying to write a blog post. I’m not doing a very good job. So far, it has been fantastic! Our drive up here from Ohio was incredibly smooth (figuratively, not literally, there were some large gravelly patches in Canada), and the only mishaps were a small crack in my windshield and me misplacing my debit card. We saw lots of animals (bison, black bear, antelope, whales!!!), and now we are chilling and getting to know the group before we head to Kake.

I am so happy to be here. It is incredibly different than my first time, but I love when I can go back to something familiar, but in a different situation. I think that this next six weeks will be challenging but wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what will happen!

Pictures to come!


packing! June 10, 2013

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To Rebekah: I promise I will write about New York, I plan to work on it during some of the TONS of hours I will be on the road during this next week.

To everyone else:

Tomorrow I am leaving to drive up to Alaska! I have been crazy busy this weekend, visiting friends and family from home, going to weddings, and trying not to think about all the stuff I still have to accomplish before I leave tomorrow. But packing day has arrived, and so the chaos begins! I am better at last minute packing anyway, but is still a bit of a crazy process.

So far today this is what I’ve accomplished:

-solidified the itinerary! Lindsey and I went through all the maps I got at AAA and highlighted our tentative routes. Plus, we have a gps and printed directions. I think we are as prepared as we can be on this front.

-started laundry

-wrote a grocery list

-wrote a packing list

-wrote plant care and fish care instructions for our roommate who is watching our house.

-started taking all of my clothes out of the dresser

-made my room look like this:

So far I still need to accomplish the following:
-go grocery shopping

-pick out all the worship music/chords/study material for the trip

-pick out music/audiobooks to listen to in the car

-organize all the gifts and crochet stuff I am bringing for my friends in Alaska

-get my tea tumbler from my roommate’s grandparents house (super important, I NEED my tea!!!!)

-make dinner for my friends who are supporting my roommate and me.

I might not get much sleep tonight.


Today is Monday, but i’m posting a poem anyway! June 3, 2013

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I found this random poem I wrote a while ago whilst thumbing through one of my journals that is supposed to be for character sketches. I guess the mood just struck me while I was supposed to be working on my book. I really don’t remember when I wrote this either…but it’s a good poem anyway! So here you go, a poem on Monday because by the time Wednesday gets here, I will probably be too busy packing to post a poem.


Supposedly, that monster is green,

but I think she is a chameleon.

She hides in plain sight,

and she waits until you are comfortable

before she springs at you suddenly

in a blinding flash of putrid rainbows.

Then she switches colors, the colors of all

the scenes you wish you could remember

the scenes you don’t want to remember,

the visual stimuli that make you feed her,

strengthen her.

She lives inside you, lurking in pleasant

pictures, perfectly blended in gorgeous 

pastels until she knows she will be

fed by the ulcers of unrequited affections.