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packing! June 10, 2013

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To Rebekah: I promise I will write about New York, I plan to work on it during some of the TONS of hours I will be on the road during this next week.

To everyone else:

Tomorrow I am leaving to drive up to Alaska! I have been crazy busy this weekend, visiting friends and family from home, going to weddings, and trying not to think about all the stuff I still have to accomplish before I leave tomorrow. But packing day has arrived, and so the chaos begins! I am better at last minute packing anyway, but is still a bit of a crazy process.

So far today this is what I’ve accomplished:

-solidified the itinerary! Lindsey and I went through all the maps I got at AAA and highlighted our tentative routes. Plus, we have a gps and printed directions. I think we are as prepared as we can be on this front.

-started laundry

-wrote a grocery list

-wrote a packing list

-wrote plant care and fish care instructions for our roommate who is watching our house.

-started taking all of my clothes out of the dresser

-made my room look like this:

So far I still need to accomplish the following:
-go grocery shopping

-pick out all the worship music/chords/study material for the trip

-pick out music/audiobooks to listen to in the car

-organize all the gifts and crochet stuff I am bringing for my friends in Alaska

-get my tea tumbler from my roommate’s grandparents house (super important, I NEED my tea!!!!)

-make dinner for my friends who are supporting my roommate and me.

I might not get much sleep tonight.


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