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Today August 20, 2013

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Not the show, just the day.

Today kind of sucked.

Started off kind of grumpy, and from then on had to keep reminding myself why I am where I am. Because God wants me here. Lots of work stress happened today, on top of the fact that my jaw hurts because my wisdom teeth are deciding to jump around a bit in my mouth. It’s a pretty fantastic feeling to have the day before I have to to talk to students all day. I came home today wanted to yell and cry and punch things.

But, God always helps me, even when I forget to ask him. I got to laugh a bit, courtesy of Kelly, who somehow can always make me smile, and  I miraculously managed to get everything done for tomorrow. I still have no books and no curriculum, by I do have something to teach tomorrow and that is all I can hope for right now.

All that to say that The New York edition, part two won’t happen until tomorrow. Sorry, big sister!


2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Bekah sister face Says:

    It’s ok, I forgive you 🙂 we have to go see first date now in NYC, so save your money!!!

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