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A walk in the park, a poem…. Roughly September 4, 2013

“Girl, your hair is so fabulous
it actually turned me
straight for a whole minute!”
He grinned as he talked us up.
His smile was sincere and his laugh
Genuine and when he asked
For money for Sandy relief
We didn’t even care if he was
Scamming us or not.
The trees overhead dripped gently
From the morning’s light rain,
And the wind blew my sister’s
Hair into a wavy mane.
It really did look fabulous,
As much as our meeting
With him.

We walked towards the fountain,
THE fountain, right in the middle.
We needed to find it because
Of the terrible angels.
We got sidetracked by the echoes
In the tunnel, echoes of harmony
And violin and classical guitar.
We stood to listen for as many
Songs as they would sing,
And stayed for some repeats.
The soprano made us cry.

To be continued….I have to go practice some music with a bunch of youths!


2 Responses to “A walk in the park, a poem…. Roughly”

  1. poetinjena Says:

    to be continued? well, I hope so.. !!

  2. Bekah sister face Says:

    Ahhhh! I love you!

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