Write Me Up

Official writing with some random thoughts

I know September 13, 2013

It’s Friday, but I want to post this part of a poem anyway. There’s this slam poet named Asia that makes me go “WHOA.” every time I listen to him. Here is an excerpt from one of his poems called “1000 Paper Cranes”

“you who have always been quick with a punchline
you who can flatter me with an insult
you who comforts like a cold front in august
you who cold fronts like you’re perfect but will crack like thin ice the moment someone walks all over you
i should’ve been beneath you when you buckled
should have caught you with the truth
should’ve reached out with love tatooed on my forearms
so you would always know what you were falling into”


That’s just a taste of his amazing words. If you want another one, look up “Sunscreen” or “Flood”


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