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Almost done October 8, 2013

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With Chapter One! Lest you think this is a puny accomplishment, I would have you remember that I have twelve chapters partially written already. I am very jumpy when I write long projects, so the completion of a full chapter is rather a large deal. And now, to tease you, here is a paragraph from it.


“The hallway seemed to go on forever. She couldn’t remember how many doors she had passed. She stopped at a chair sitting in the hallway and sat down. In spite of what Jens had said, the chocolate had not made her feel better. Her stomach was churning now and her head ached. Her limbs were shaky, her eyes were watering, and she almost felt as if she had a fever. What was in that drink? She took a few deep breaths and tried to stand, but her legs collapsed under her. She sat on the floor in the long hallway and cried.”