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A random thought February 7, 2014

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 2:33 pm

One of my pet peeves is when I see a link that someone shares on a website and I eagerly click it to start reading, only to discover that it is a video. In our technology ridden world, I suppose it is strange to be annoyed by having the option to learn visually about my topic of choice, but I have to say, I much prefer reading an article than watching an expository video. Perhaps it is because I can read it as fast as I want, whereas the video requires that I watch it on its terms. Yet another sign of my impatience. Or perhaps a sign that I just love to read. Yeah, I’m gonna go with hat second one.

Now for another random thought. Today during work one of my students caught me in the hallway in between classes and said, Miss Jarchow, S me dijo que hoy usted parece como la bella durmiente porque tu pelo es muy bonito. (Translation: S told me today that you look like sleeping beauty because your hair is very pretty) ( I curled my hair today haha). It was rather funny, because S is a sixth grade boy. But hey, being compared to sleeping beauty isn’t a bad thing. So now, in honor of that, here is a painting of sleeping beauty by John William Waterhouse



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