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Things that are going through my head right now: April 1, 2014

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 11:15 pm

I wish flying wasn’t so expensive.
I wish teleportation existed.
I wish I had 500 more dollars in my bank account.
I wish that virtual hugs were good enough.
I wish I was in Alaska.
I wish being human didn’t suck so much.
I wish I could fix these problems.
I wish I didn’t have to sit here and do nothing.
I wish I wasn’t always thinking about it.
I wish I was less stressed about this whole situation.
I wish I could sit and do nothing all day.
I wish I could hold his hand right now.
I wish my future mother in law could make it to my wedding.
I wish she could see her grandchildren someday.
I wish that death didn’t happen.

And a million other things.


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