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Book review on A Light in the Attic April 4, 2014

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She Silverstein was a poetic genius. The poems that he wrote for kids are silly and fun and serious and deep. He has poems about dragons and flying carpets and about misunderstood clowns and men with too many hats. A Light in the Attic is like a storybook, and very simple to read for adults, yet here are so many poems where I find myself thinking more about life and humanity than when I read poems written for adults. What I love most is that he doesn’t shy away from writing about difficult emotions and events in life that are hard to process. Just because his poetry is for children doesn’t mean that it has to be superfluous piddlefluff. (Yes, I made up that word, but it’s okay, Shel Silverstein said it was okay.)

Here are a couple of my favorites.





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