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A poem to read and share May 5, 2014

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Sometimes I have moments that just hit me with how beautiful and powerful they are, so I memorize them and save them later to write about. I had one of those moments a few weeks ago, and this is the poem that came out of it.

Sassy’s Question

Just a little over a week after your mama died,
and here I am, three thousand miles from where
I stood a week ago, water dripping from my hair
as I stepped out of the bathtub and knew the worst
had happened, knew from the terse tone of the letters,
knew from that tug in my belly that always tells
me when you are hurting, knew that life would never be
the same and that I had to be here with you
a week later, standing on the deck of a boat, water
dripping from my hair with wind whipping around us,
your arms around me, steadying me, blocking
some of the drops rushing around us, the boat motor
roaring, the roses in my cold hands, drenched
in tiny diamond droplets that are so calm, so delicate,
so contrasting this moment that is loud and quiet,
funny and sad, adventurous and commonplace, standing
together with the ones we love when the little
one asks if we are taking a boat ride to heaven.