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Rain and wind June 8, 2014

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There are some days when answering the question “how are you?” is too daunting of a task. On those days, I can’t smile and reply lightheartedly like the rest of the population, yet neither can I speak the truth, because I am not a part truth kind of person. You either get a full out lie or the whole messy honest deal. And on days when I can’t bear to do either, I stay at home by myself. Perhaps I am a little too introverted for my own good. Perhaps I am just not quite strong enough to deal with my emotions in public, among other people.
Today was one of those days. Unfortunately it fell on a Sunday, which meant I didn’t go to church. I feel bad for not going, but on this kind of day, I can’t sit in a room with 100 other people for two hours, much less talk to them before and after the service. It is too difficult, and sometimes almost physically painful. Not like, autistic overstimulation painful, more like constant faint nausea painful. Ha! My secret’s out! People make me nauseous! I must be a true artist…..
But today turned out good because even though I had to be alone, it rained today. I have always loved rain, in any amount, and generally, I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. (In sharp contrast, my best friend prefers hot, bright, relentless sunshine…it’s a wonder we ever venture outdoors together.) today was cloudy and rainy and breezy. Perfect for sitting on my porch and reading and listening to the 40 or so birds that live under my carport. I could wear a light sweater and pants and drink espresso(super sweet with lots of creamer), and relax. And it hit me hard today, that I am pretty sure I have always been destined to live in a climate that has these kind of days, wet, cool, humid, green, nature-noise filled days. And it makes me ecstatic to think that I get to move to a place where 80% of the days are like that! a place where I can stay with people or if I choose! can get a little bit lost in the vast forest.
Days like today need rain and wind, weather to remind me of home, so that tomorrow I can face people again. Being an introvert is a strange way to live.



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