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Months passed. November 7, 2014

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So incredibly sorry for not updating in three months! You will see from my following list that I’ve been a bit busy. Here is what I’ve been up to.
-I started working as a sub at the local school and I really enjoy it. I get to see the kids a lot and it is a flexible schedule.
-I wrote a children’s book about my niece.
-I went moose hunting. We didn’t get one but we saw a few and it was a very cool experience.
-I went fishing and got eighteen coho salmon with my fiance.
-I planned a wedding, and then I got married!

You know, just a few things. Now that I see it, it is a lot for three months. But now I can get back into a less hectic life.. .except that I am starting a new job on  the 17th and going back to Ohio in a month,  and working more on my book,  and weaving some rugs, and learning how to be a wife. That’s all.
A short update for now but I needed to write it out. I will hopefully be posting a couple of book reviews this week,  and maybe some fun photos. Happy November folks!