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Educational… May 31, 2015

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“Well I guess you can cut the arts as much as you want, Jean. Sooner or later these kids won’t have anything to read or write about.”

-Mr. Holland’s Opus

As someone who works in education, this quote makes so much sense, it is scary. 

Everything is moving towards more “content” and less arts, so that we can do better on tests. This is just the wrong way to go about it. In twenty or thirty years, what will our children be learning about? What will they have to inspire them? The ACT? MAP tests? What? 

I’m all for content. Math is awesome, and I’m a complete bibliophile. But if we stop teaching kids about art and music and theater and dance, then what will they have as an outlet for their emotions? Something has to change, and soon. 


Swimming May 30, 2015

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Swimming in waterfalls may be one of my favorite activities. Even if the water is freezing cold and it is only 70 degrees outside, climbing over rocks in my bare feet and feeling the water rush all around me is an explicable joy. Today was lovely. 

Go swim in waterfalls people. It is glorious. 


Stories May 29, 2015

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There are certain stories that stick with you after you hear them or see them or read them. They stay inside of you and coat your insides and even if you don’t always think of them, they are still there, lingering. 

It’s hard to know exactly why certain stories do that. You can have endless discussions about social myths and archetypes, about the traditions of thousands of years and what our cultures need to survive and pass down information, but sometimes that’s just a load of crap. I think they stay with us because they have goodness in them. Goodness and beauty that resonates with something inside of us that we can’t quite grasp but that we know exists and is bigger and better than anything we have ever known before. 

I watched The Green Mile all the way through for the first time today and it is one of those stories. It is strange and unbelievable and it will stick with me because it makes you think about what true justice is, and what hope and truth and goodnes are too. 


Dirt May 28, 2015

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I filled up eight trash cans full of dirt today for the garden at the boys and girls club. Luckily I had the help of six middle schoolers. Unfortunately I had the help of six middle schoolers….

Middle schoolers are a double edged sword. 

But I was grateful for their help. They were hilariously surprised to find that I occasionally listen to “cool” music too. Ahhhh sixth graders, who have the end all in musical tastes….

Tomorrow we are going to plant in all the dirt we hauled and I’m actually very excited to get a nice garden going. I love teachings the kids about plants, and I always have enthusiastic helpers who are excited to grow things. There is something wonderful about putting a teeny tiny seed in the ground and a few weeks later seeing a big plant…how does that even happen? I mean, I scientifically know how cells divide and grow, but it still amazes me. 

So yeah, dirt, folks. 


Camping May 24, 2015

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Today we took the boat out to one of the bays to go fishing and camping. It is lovely here. Strangely enough I have 4g, where I only have 3G in town, so i am posting this from beside a campfire, listening to the waves and the herring jumping. 

Earlier I hiked around the woods in what looked like the Cretaceous period, with Giant skunk cabbages and 6 foot tall Devils club.  Here is a picture of the gorgeous sunset.  



Pictures May 23, 2015

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i really like taking good pictures. My only camera currently is the one on my phone, which admittedly has a lot of potential, but eventually I would like to get a real camera so I can take awesome pictures. I live in a gorgeous place with some amazing people so it’s a good goal to have. Plus there is just something about photography that I love. The ability to capture beauty if only a tiny glimpse, is something I really admire. 

Here are a couple pictures I took last night of two of my nieces at a dance.  



Dancing May 22, 2015

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I miss dancing. 

I remember when I was little, going to weddings and dancing as long as I could until I was tired and sweaty and out of breath. There was nothing better than that. But now, no one dances. We shift back and forth to a repetitious rhythm, a song with a stupid lyrics but a catchy beat and we call that dancing. 

What happened to jumping up and down and spinning in circles? It makes me wish that I grew up in a culture where dancing is expected, like Hispanic cultures. There is nothing quite like going to a salsa club and spinning in circles and moving your hips until you’re so dizzy you can’t even sit down. It’s like being that kid again, spinning in your fancy dress at a wedding reception and not caring what anyone else thinks. 

That’s the dancing we need now.