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Pictures May 23, 2015

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i really like taking good pictures. My only camera currently is the one on my phone, which admittedly has a lot of potential, but eventually I would like to get a real camera so I can take awesome pictures. I live in a gorgeous place with some amazing people so it’s a good goal to have. Plus there is just something about photography that I love. The ability to capture beauty if only a tiny glimpse, is something I really admire. 

Here are a couple pictures I took last night of two of my nieces at a dance.  



3 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Adrian Lewis Says:

    I like the upper picture here very much, its a wonderful portrait and black and white is just the medium for it. And I’m certainly not a snob who would deride images captured on phones – quite the opposite, to me it is only the image that matters, not the way in which it has been produced. That said, a camera will enhance your photographic experience considerably so that, if you really feel photography to be your thing – and its certainly my thing – then I think you should take the step. And, if you do buy a camera, there’s nothing to prevent you from continuing to use your phone’s camera too, each may have its own place in what you do. Adrian

    • Dorothy Lynn Says:

      Thanks so much for the encouraging comment! I really think photography is about being able to see the picture before you take it, no matter what kind of camera you are using. Some of my favorite pictures I ever have taken were with my first digital camera, a cheap 3.2 megapixel Kodak. But I definitely think it is a little easier to take those good pictures with a good camera 🙂

      • Adrian Lewis Says:

        Yes, “good” cameras give us more image quality, tho I’m far from being convinced that quality is the be all and end all that many (non-professional) photographers make it out to be – I’m a great advocate of unfocused content in pictures and, rather than thinking about sharpness of images, I believe that its their content that really matters – and it goes without saying that I’d rather have a blurred interesting / stimulating picture than a pin sharp one with dull / unstimulating content.

        In many cases, maybe most cases, you’re probably right about being able to see – or at least have an inkling of – the image before you capture it. I’m very much on the split second inkling side of things – having often very vague and spontaneous feelings about something, taking a range of photos, and then (hopefully!) drawing more out it post-capture.

        I hope your photography goes well, Dorothy! Adrian 🙂

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