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Dirt May 28, 2015

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I filled up eight trash cans full of dirt today for the garden at the boys and girls club. Luckily I had the help of six middle schoolers. Unfortunately I had the help of six middle schoolers….

Middle schoolers are a double edged sword. 

But I was grateful for their help. They were hilariously surprised to find that I occasionally listen to “cool” music too. Ahhhh sixth graders, who have the end all in musical tastes….

Tomorrow we are going to plant in all the dirt we hauled and I’m actually very excited to get a nice garden going. I love teachings the kids about plants, and I always have enthusiastic helpers who are excited to grow things. There is something wonderful about putting a teeny tiny seed in the ground and a few weeks later seeing a big plant…how does that even happen? I mean, I scientifically know how cells divide and grow, but it still amazes me. 

So yeah, dirt, folks. 


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