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Educational… May 31, 2015

Filed under: General Blog-tastic Writings — Dorothy Lynn @ 9:40 pm

“Well I guess you can cut the arts as much as you want, Jean. Sooner or later these kids won’t have anything to read or write about.”

-Mr. Holland’s Opus

As someone who works in education, this quote makes so much sense, it is scary. 

Everything is moving towards more “content” and less arts, so that we can do better on tests. This is just the wrong way to go about it. In twenty or thirty years, what will our children be learning about? What will they have to inspire them? The ACT? MAP tests? What? 

I’m all for content. Math is awesome, and I’m a complete bibliophile. But if we stop teaching kids about art and music and theater and dance, then what will they have as an outlet for their emotions? Something has to change, and soon. 


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