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Symptoms June 30, 2015

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Here’s how being pregnant feels so far:

Like someone is tying knots in my intestines while also making me simultaneously ravenous and nauseous, all the while being completely congested and itchy because allergy medicines are a no go. 

Also I feel like a useless bum because I’m too tired and gross feeling to do anything constructive. 

So pretty great so far! :/ 


June 11, 2015

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I think my summer is busier than my school year was. I’ve been doing a lot but I still get to sleep in a little whih is glorious. 

I must confess, that I hate to get up early. There are so many famous, successful people that say that they are successful because they wake up early, but every time I see that I just get annoyed. I’m a night person. I would rather stay up until midnight or one, and get up at nine or ten, and while I appreciate the beauty of a good sunrise, I am much more partial to sunsets, especially here since the sunrise in the summer is around 3:45 or 4 am. 

So whatever successful and famous people. I will get up early for a job if I have to, but I won’t just get up at 5 am willingly, and certainly not cheerily. I’m sure there are plenty of successful people who didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn. 

Here is a sunset picture because they are pretty. And at a more pleasant time of day. 



Two sentences that sum up my feelings and frustrations.  June 3, 2015

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I’m tired of this planet. I’m just going to move to Mars now.