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Babies February 24, 2016

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I had one. Yup, I pushed one out. It was INSANE. seriously that is the best word to use to describe it. But I’m getting a little bit ahead. 

Since I will be at home for quite awhile, both from just simple recovery reasons and because I’m learning how to take care of my daughter, I’m going to do a few posts about different stages of having a kid and being pregnant and share things that people don’t always share. I wanted to do this during my whole pregnancy, but I kind of like having the retrospection now. 

First one:

Pregnancy and giving birth is really really REALLY hard. 

I had a really smooth pregnancy. There were no complications, she was always healthy at checkups, and I was able to work and do things during my entire pregnancy. 

That being said, it was still super hard, and when she was born, and I saw her face for the first time, that hardness didn’t just get forgotten. Maybe I’m the exception to this, but so many moms say,”oh when you see your baby none of that will matter. You will just be so in love!”

I think that’s silly. I remember every single difficulty, and I think that is what makes it so much more special. I’m not going to forget the wicked heartburn and my almost 36 hour labor time or the pain of breastfeeding the first week. Those things are important and I think it is there to remind me that having a kid is a big commitment. 

And yes, the adrenaline and endorphins that were pumping through me when I finally did see her made me ignore certain things, like the blood and pain, but I felt it afterward! 

I’m not trying to be pessimistic or a downer here, but I just see so many moms and pregnant women gushing about the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth, and maybe it is just my personality, but that made me feel really inadequate while I was pregnant. There were only a few people who were really honest with me about how hard it is, and I would rather have that then the sappy memes about how much I will love my baby. 

And now that she is here, I do love her so much. And it is much harder than being pregnant. And I’m going to tell people that because she is worth it.  



2 Responses to “Babies”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I love this! I’m with you 100% on the pain and difficulties. Breastfeeding took me about 6 weeks to totally be recovered from the initial pain and be able to shower normally again. Honestly most things took about 6 weeks to recover from. I was in labor for 28 hours and I was so jelous of the people who were only in labor for 6 or 7. I can’t even imagine making it another 8 hours like you did. People kept asking me when I am going to have my next one right after I had Felicity and all I could say was “when I forget the labor for the first one” :/ still not quite there, but working on it.

    That being said:
    Helen is a beautiful little girl! You did great! Congrats!


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