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The third trimester March 10, 2016

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I know that most people say that their second trimester is the easiest, but for me at least, the third was easier than the second. I think that I was finally used to being pregnant and I was getting in the groove of doing things while pregnant, even if it was harder to do them because I was pretty huge. I didn’t actually feel huge until I went to Sitka to wait to have the baby. I also had some funny encounters with kids during this trimester too. I work at a school, mostly with elementary students, so they are very candid and curious about the whole pregnancy thing. One of my students was sitting next to me in class, working quietly, when he asked me, “well, how did the baby even get IN there in the first place?” (This was a second grade boy, mind you). I just laughed and laughed and told him to ask his mom when he got home. He wasn’t too pleased with my answer. This same student also seemed to forget I was pregnant and told me I needed to work out more when I couldn’t keep up with him while playing four square. I told him he should try playing it with a giant basketball in his belly and see how he did. His eyes got really wide, and he said, “oh. I guess that would be hard.” Those are just a couple of the encounters, and I can’t even keep track of how many kids were all surprised when I said I was pregnant (even with my huge belly). 

So here is the fun part about being pregnant when you live in a village in southeast Alaska. You can’t just wait until things happen naturally and stay at home until the last minute. We only have a clinic here in town, and no major medical facilities, so in order to actually deliver the baby, the doctors send you to wait either in Sitka or Juneau at around 37 weeks. That’s right. Three weeks before my due date, I had to pack up a bunch of stuff, and my husband and I went and stayed in a hotel in Sitka to wait for the baby to come. and since it was my first baby, we were there the full three weeks. 

don’t get me wrong, hotel stays are fun, but not for long term. It was BORING. I colored a lot, and walked a lot, and spent a lot of money because we got tired of hotel food and sandwiches. The one nice thing about having to leave town is that the rest is excellent. I could sleep in every day and not have to worry about going to work, and the weather was pretty awesome while we were there, so I got to explore a lot of Sitka. Plus we got to spend time with family there, and my parents got to see it for a little while too because they arrived a few days before I had the baby. 
I have to say the strangest part of this time was feeling my belly get bigger literally every day, and then feeling the baby drop lower and lower. Walking was extremely difficult by the end because all of my muscles and tendons and bones and ligaments from my abdomen to my thighs felt like jello. Things were popping and creaking and stretching, which was good for actually having the baby, but it sure does feel strange when you try to walk. However, I never really got so uncomfortable that I wanted her out (I mean, until I was in labor). I was just really tired of not being at home, and I wanted to see her face. I started labor right on her due date, but that will be the next installment.

Baby’s first fashion headband. 


The second trimester  March 2, 2016

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The second trimester 
It just occurred to me that boiling down three months into me blog post is quite strange, but considering that my pregnancy was pretty smooth and fairly uneventful, it seems sufficient.
Anyway, the second trimester was, well, uneventful. Here is a list of some of the highlights.

1) wicked, WICKED heartburn. (See pictures of my girl, and it explains why. So. Much. Hair)

2) growing belly, but surprisingly little amount of stretch marks

3) working while being pregnant. This one is interesting. I was a little concerned that my boss would freak out a bit, but she was very supportive and excited for me. (Her denial and slight freaking out didn’t come until about two weeks before I had to stop working, haha)

4) being physically tired all the time. I say physically, because it really was mostly just my body that was tired. I wasn’t very social during this time because after work my body was just so tired. Thankfully I had an hour break in the afternoon in between my jobs that really helped.

5) lots of ultrasounds. So, my daughter didn’t want to cooperate with the ultrasounds and it took about four tries to get all the measurements they needed. This meant four trips to Sitka on the airplane, because I live in a little village and doctors appointments require travel. This also meant that I missed a lot of work, which the school was not happy about, but it all worked out okay. 

6) riding on a small airplane while pregnant= having to use sick bags. Yeah, I actually really enjoy flying, but while I was pregnant, it was like instant sick. Even on just a half an hour flight. Thankfully, the engines are so loud that no one could hear me “calling a dinosaur” as my husband calls it. 

7) as soon as I started showing, people got super protective of me. Now, I understand there are all kinds of guidelines for how much you are supposed to lift and move and do while pregnant, and working in special Ed, I certainly had to limit my activities, but I have to say that I started to get annoyed at people being so cautious around me. During this trimester, I could actually still do quite a bit without any discomfort, so I didn’t quite like the tiptoeing around me. I did appreciate the concern and support though.
That’s pretty much it. Pretty smooth going! Next time will be about my last few months and the weird process of what you have to do when having a baby in rural Alaska.