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The second trimester  March 2, 2016

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The second trimester 
It just occurred to me that boiling down three months into me blog post is quite strange, but considering that my pregnancy was pretty smooth and fairly uneventful, it seems sufficient.
Anyway, the second trimester was, well, uneventful. Here is a list of some of the highlights.

1) wicked, WICKED heartburn. (See pictures of my girl, and it explains why. So. Much. Hair)

2) growing belly, but surprisingly little amount of stretch marks

3) working while being pregnant. This one is interesting. I was a little concerned that my boss would freak out a bit, but she was very supportive and excited for me. (Her denial and slight freaking out didn’t come until about two weeks before I had to stop working, haha)

4) being physically tired all the time. I say physically, because it really was mostly just my body that was tired. I wasn’t very social during this time because after work my body was just so tired. Thankfully I had an hour break in the afternoon in between my jobs that really helped.

5) lots of ultrasounds. So, my daughter didn’t want to cooperate with the ultrasounds and it took about four tries to get all the measurements they needed. This meant four trips to Sitka on the airplane, because I live in a little village and doctors appointments require travel. This also meant that I missed a lot of work, which the school was not happy about, but it all worked out okay. 

6) riding on a small airplane while pregnant= having to use sick bags. Yeah, I actually really enjoy flying, but while I was pregnant, it was like instant sick. Even on just a half an hour flight. Thankfully, the engines are so loud that no one could hear me “calling a dinosaur” as my husband calls it. 

7) as soon as I started showing, people got super protective of me. Now, I understand there are all kinds of guidelines for how much you are supposed to lift and move and do while pregnant, and working in special Ed, I certainly had to limit my activities, but I have to say that I started to get annoyed at people being so cautious around me. During this trimester, I could actually still do quite a bit without any discomfort, so I didn’t quite like the tiptoeing around me. I did appreciate the concern and support though.
That’s pretty much it. Pretty smooth going! Next time will be about my last few months and the weird process of what you have to do when having a baby in rural Alaska. 



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