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World building April 23, 2019

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You know what is really cool about fiction books? (Well, I guess all books, but fiction in particular this is applicable)

One person has an idea in their head, and they begin to build an entire world around this idea. Sometimes it is extremely elaborate (I’m looking at you Tolkien, Mister, I can’t write my story until I have the entire linguistic history of its whole world….). Sometimes it is more thrown together, but either way, it comes from the mind of one person. Then, when it is shared, it grows exponentially as more people experience it.

Take the wizarding world created by J. K. Rowling. That started as a thought in her brain. And now? Now the entire world references it as if were real, all the while knowing it is just made up. We even have a theme park!!! This concept is crazy to me! That one human can think of an idea, and it can take off and explode into the minds of millions of others, and become a reality to them.

I love it so much.

I want my worlds to spread to others too. 😊


Character sketches April 19, 2019

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I wish I was better at drawing so I could ACCURATELY draw what I see in my head if my characters.

Instead I have to rely on words. Which honestly, is only going to help me when i am working on the story, but it is still a bit frustrating.

I have some really cool characters in this novel, but they are so confusing to explain when people ask me about them.

Today I was writing out some details of the different people groups, and I literally thought to myself…”but what kind of clothes would a salamander wear?” 🤔🤔🤔

Really though I’m a bit stumped here, so any help would be appreciated.

My new deadline for finishing this draft is September. It was going to be later, but some things are kind of up in the air with my job that actually pays me, so I want to have a workable draft by then. I’m at the point in my life where I actually like the work I am doing, and I’m not exhausted and stressed at the end of each work day. And i don’t want to go back to that now that I’ve experienced how it feels to do something I love. It’s scary, but out of all the craziness and changes and running and moving that has happened in my life, the one constant is that I always have stories in my head. And more and more I’m accepting it as the part of myself that I need to nurture and cultivate so that I can share those stories with others. So. Workable full draft by September. Wish me luck, three people that maybe actually read this, and world of the barely visible, lost blog posts.

Maybe someday a reader will find it 😂

Here’s a picture of my cat because why not.


Finding April 14, 2019

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Looking back at some old posts,

And even more than before, I

Realize that I am a different person


Maybe it is the way I’ve

Been broken and pieced

Back together one too

Many times

Maybe it is the tearing

Of my body through the birthing

Of two children

Maybe it is the crushing

Of my mind and spirit

From being ground down and

Forgotten one too many times.

Who is this person

That lightheartedly posted

Beautiful photos

Every Friday?

Who is this person

That enjoyed tea

And wrote frivolously about

Roommates and burly man-friends?

It is not me. Do I want

It to be me again?

I don’t know.

Either way, it never could be.

She is dead, buried

Under piles of laundry undone

And crumbled Cheerios

And words left unsaid

And words screamed that should

Never have been said

She will never return.

Who will the new person be?


Back to it

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legit haven’t written anything on here for two and a half years


legit am super depressed about my life right now


legit know that I need to keep writing and finish my book


legit am pretty sure the world will never read this and never care about anything I’ve ever written


legit heartbroken


legit gonna write anyway



-a really bad poem by a depressed me.