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Who are these people? May 26, 2019

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They are overwhelmingly positive and supportive of others, even in high stress situations.

They show mostly love on social media platforms, no matter the age, race, gender.

They call out other people in their group who are behaving badly, who don’t represent what they stand for.

They always try to do their best to be kind and loving.

So who are these people???

BTS Army.

No for real. I’m not joking here. This thought really got to me this week. I love BtS and am definitely ARMY (my sister called me out on it after I had a dream about RM being my space boyfriend 😂…I have crazy hilarious dreams)

But I am constantly surprised by the fact that BTS fans are so…..kind.

Have you ever seen YouTube video comments? It’s like troll kingdom over on the Tube. But…not on bts videos. Comment after comment of “aw I love this!” And ” our boys are so awesome!” And “they really helped me during tough times, take care of yourselves everyone!”

What? That never happens. And even when fans are crappy to each other, other ARMY call them out on it and shut it down IMMEDIATELY. Saying, no way, that is not how we want people to see BTS or their fans. We are better than this as humans.

This. This makes me happy. But it also makes me incredibly sad.

And here is why. Because I am a Christian. And I see in the BTS fandom what Christianity in my country SORELY lacks.

How often do I see Christians (mostly in the online world)

-acting with complete love and acceptance for others?

-only contributing positive feedback and comments?

-shutting down other Christians who are being hateful?

-saying, nope, that is not what God is about, that is not a good representative of Christ.

I just….I’ve been thinking about it.

I’m not hating on my Christian friends and family online. And I actually do know a lot of Christians who do really well with showing these good qualities. But in so many places I see overwhelmingly the opposite, and it breaks my heart to pieces.

We can do better. If random people from all over the world can come together and support each other just through a mutual love of a musical group, transcending language and cultural differences to support and help each other, then how much more should we, as Christians, be able to come together and do this??? When we are claiming to follow the God of the universe who loves us and died for us???

Where did we go so wrong, guys?

*disclaimer: I love my church family and I really do know and see a LOT of amazing Christians do great work in real life. This is mostly aimed at the social media interactions and images that we put out there where everyone can see.

Bottom line: people are WATCHING. if you say you follow a God who loves us, but don’t show love, even in your words typed in an internet browser, no one will ever believe you.

I don’t really believe that actions speak louder than words anymore. If your words are full of hate, then your actions will be empty to everyone who sees them.