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Here’s some information! February 23, 2011

My name is Dorothy Lynn.

I am a writer, and sometimes a teacher, and always a student, even if I’m not officially studying something.

I love to talk with people and travel.

I read voraciously. If I were a T-Rex, and books were all other dinosaurs, that would be a pretty accurate analogy of the rate at which I consume books.

I am a Christian and love God and I want the whole world to know his love.

I love all kinds of art–really. all kinds.

I sing, play piano, and pretend to play guitar and tin whistle.

I love to learn, especially new languages and random scientific facts.

I am currently writing a science fiction novel about telepathy.


5 Responses to “Here’s some information!”

  1. Sean Says:

    Also, you’re in a tree. Always.


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