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Music December 13, 2015

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When I was a kid, it seemed like my dad listened to Phil Keaggy ALL  the time. And Yes. 

When I was a kid I thought it was annoying because for some reason I thought that music that was mostly instrumental was boring. 

But now, I love it. Okay, maybe not all of Yes, but I definitely like some of their dogs. And Phil Keaggy— he is honestly one of most amazing musicians I’ve ever heard. 

So I’m pretty grateful that when I was a kid, my dad didn’t let me dictate the musical choices because now I have the ability to listen and remember and appreciated the beauty of music that has no words. 


Some thoughts August 5, 2015

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Every conflict has more than one side to the story. So many people take sides without seeing and considering all the information. Of course, I understand that it is impossible to truly know all the information, but my sincere hope is that people would start to look at more than just themselves when forming an opinion and taking sides. And one of the most important things to remember is that the popular opinion is quite often the most misinformed opinion. History is written by the victors, and I’m sincerely tired and heartbroken to see so many people that I care about being misled by ignorance and what are essentially “fan clubs” for hard issues, issues that always have grey areas. I believe in standing up for what’s right, but I also believe that what’s truly right is always rooted in love. If your opinion or your “stand” is ruining lives and building walls, then you should rethink how you can make a stand in a more loving way. 

That is all. 


Symptoms June 30, 2015

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Here’s how being pregnant feels so far:

Like someone is tying knots in my intestines while also making me simultaneously ravenous and nauseous, all the while being completely congested and itchy because allergy medicines are a no go. 

Also I feel like a useless bum because I’m too tired and gross feeling to do anything constructive. 

So pretty great so far! :/ 


June 11, 2015

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I think my summer is busier than my school year was. I’ve been doing a lot but I still get to sleep in a little whih is glorious. 

I must confess, that I hate to get up early. There are so many famous, successful people that say that they are successful because they wake up early, but every time I see that I just get annoyed. I’m a night person. I would rather stay up until midnight or one, and get up at nine or ten, and while I appreciate the beauty of a good sunrise, I am much more partial to sunsets, especially here since the sunrise in the summer is around 3:45 or 4 am. 

So whatever successful and famous people. I will get up early for a job if I have to, but I won’t just get up at 5 am willingly, and certainly not cheerily. I’m sure there are plenty of successful people who didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn. 

Here is a sunset picture because they are pretty. And at a more pleasant time of day. 



Two sentences that sum up my feelings and frustrations.  June 3, 2015

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I’m tired of this planet. I’m just going to move to Mars now. 


Educational… May 31, 2015

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“Well I guess you can cut the arts as much as you want, Jean. Sooner or later these kids won’t have anything to read or write about.”

-Mr. Holland’s Opus

As someone who works in education, this quote makes so much sense, it is scary. 

Everything is moving towards more “content” and less arts, so that we can do better on tests. This is just the wrong way to go about it. In twenty or thirty years, what will our children be learning about? What will they have to inspire them? The ACT? MAP tests? What? 

I’m all for content. Math is awesome, and I’m a complete bibliophile. But if we stop teaching kids about art and music and theater and dance, then what will they have as an outlet for their emotions? Something has to change, and soon. 


Swimming May 30, 2015

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Swimming in waterfalls may be one of my favorite activities. Even if the water is freezing cold and it is only 70 degrees outside, climbing over rocks in my bare feet and feeling the water rush all around me is an explicable joy. Today was lovely. 

Go swim in waterfalls people. It is glorious.