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Downtown Abbey and other addictions. December 10, 2014

I’m finally catching up with Downton Abbey, since I have fast internet for the time, and my husband is off at his friend’s house to prepare for hunting tomorrow.
I have decided, as have most fans of the show, that Lady Grantham and Anna are by far the best characters. Why are there not memes everywhere with Lady Grantham quotes? Perhaps there are, but I don’t actually ever go searching for memes. Anyway, I love them for their stoic Britishness and wonderful snarkiness. Take Anna, when responding to the ever annoying O’Brien’s gossip: “the thing about business is to mind your own.” BAM! Take that! Or Lady Grantham in response to Mary’s horrible fiancé, Richard saying he doubts they’ll meet again: “do you promise?” Nothing like a stabbing quip from Granny to show her love and support.
Anyways, I just wanted to geek our a bit over my love of British drama. And now I shall go back to the abbey, and Inspector Lewis, and perhaps some Doctor Who for good measure. Although I sometimes fear that British programs will become to Americanized because of the growing fantasy here, I must admit, I like that I can share my enthusiasm with more people now.