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Tomorrow July 13, 2014

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I am moving to Alaska tomorrow afternoon. I am so excited. I’m nervous, but it have never been more sure of something in my life. It is where I belong.
Regular updates shall resume next week, but I probably won’t be posting the story tomorrow, since I’ll be traveling, and last Monday my sister was in the hospital for a false alarm of having the baby. (She did have the baby last night though! Yay!)

Tomorrow I’m moving to Alaska!


Rain and wind June 8, 2014

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There are some days when answering the question “how are you?” is too daunting of a task. On those days, I can’t smile and reply lightheartedly like the rest of the population, yet neither can I speak the truth, because I am not a part truth kind of person. You either get a full out lie or the whole messy honest deal. And on days when I can’t bear to do either, I stay at home by myself. Perhaps I am a little too introverted for my own good. Perhaps I am just not quite strong enough to deal with my emotions in public, among other people.
Today was one of those days. Unfortunately it fell on a Sunday, which meant I didn’t go to church. I feel bad for not going, but on this kind of day, I can’t sit in a room with 100 other people for two hours, much less talk to them before and after the service. It is too difficult, and sometimes almost physically painful. Not like, autistic overstimulation painful, more like constant faint nausea painful. Ha! My secret’s out! People make me nauseous! I must be a true artist…..
But today turned out good because even though I had to be alone, it rained today. I have always loved rain, in any amount, and generally, I prefer a rainy day to a sunny one. (In sharp contrast, my best friend prefers hot, bright, relentless sunshine…it’s a wonder we ever venture outdoors together.) today was cloudy and rainy and breezy. Perfect for sitting on my porch and reading and listening to the 40 or so birds that live under my carport. I could wear a light sweater and pants and drink espresso(super sweet with lots of creamer), and relax. And it hit me hard today, that I am pretty sure I have always been destined to live in a climate that has these kind of days, wet, cool, humid, green, nature-noise filled days. And it makes me ecstatic to think that I get to move to a place where 80% of the days are like that! a place where I can stay with people or if I choose! can get a little bit lost in the vast forest.
Days like today need rain and wind, weather to remind me of home, so that tomorrow I can face people again. Being an introvert is a strange way to live.



A Foto from Friday, but on Sunday. September 22, 2013

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I’m a procrastinator, and I hold too much information in my head at one time to remember everything that I need to do in one day.

So here’s a picture that I should’ve posted on Friday.

Picture credit goes to my friend Cailey, who is an amazing photographer.

Alaska looks like this. No joke!
Alaska looks like this. No joke!



Just some feeeeeeeelings August 18, 2013

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I know, ewwwwww, right? But as I discussed with my friend Anni while I was in Alaska, the feelings will come later. And it’s later, folks, so here they come!

I mean, I got a little emotional right before we got to my parents house on our drive home. That was mostly because I really did miss my family and friends and I was excited to see them, but I really was missing Alaska too. Normal stuff.

Here’s a story of what I did today.

I went to church, which was lovely. It was a bit strange being back in a bigger church where I don’t know everyone, and honestly, I didn’t really want to go this morning, but I asked God to help me have the right attitude and it was great. Very small town Ohio, very not Kake, but still really encouraging. After church I chatted with some people and was about to walk out the door when an older lady stopped me. She said she always loved seeing me when I sang on the platform (even though I didn’t sing this week), and that she loved how I dressed up. then she told me a little bit about herself. It was probably a three minute conversation, but I had never talked with this lady before, even though she obviously had noticed me for awhile. It was so nice and encouraging and uplifting. I thanked her, then walked to my car.

When I got to my car, I wanted to cry. That one woman coming up to me and sharing a small bit of her life with me just reminded me of Alaska so much. I can’t really say why, but her kindness was overwhelming and just brought everything up to the surface. For the rest of the afternoon I was just, well, sad. Not depressed though, just missing all my friends and family in Kake.

So I made some fancy pizzas. And then I baked an apple pie. And now I’m writing a sad blog post while texting my friend Kassandra. Those things are helping a little.  But the thing is, that I start work again tomorrow, and I know that my mind will be so occupied with crazy work stuff that I might start missing it less. And that kind of makes me sad too. Basically, I still don’t know how to process or express emotions. Hence, the overly emotional blog posts. Writing seems to help a little though, so just bear with me readers. I promise that soon, I will start writing more informative and uplifting stories, but for now, your’e gonna be stuck with the sad apple pie stories.


Things we learned while driving to and from Alaska. August 16, 2013

In no particular order, as follows:

1) North Dakota smells bad–skunk, sulfur, marshy-poohgas-pigs.

2)Wisconsin has boring license plates.

3)All of Illinois’s highways are under construction, BUT the have BA travel plazas, so it kind of makes up for it.

4) Apparently, we are the only people who loved driving through South Dakota.

we took that looooong red road all the way across!

5) The town of Superior, Wisconsin is full of itself. “Superior: living up to our name.”

6) The Northwest Territories (of Canada) have license plates shaped like polar bears! POLAR BEARS!

7) If you have a friend working at Yellowstone (or perhaps even if you don’t), you can tell the people at the fron gate and they’ll let you in for free, but after you’re in, the staff are real stingy with their information about the whereabouts of said friend.

8) Informational/historical videos at tourist site are pretty much always long-winded, boring, kitschy, and somewhat biased/racist. Also they are usually introduced by extremely slow talkers. The park ranger who introduced the video at Mount Rushmore was like the love child of Captain Kirk and and NPR radio announcer.

9) Canadians must think that no one can read because all of their road sign consist of strangely detailed pictures of what you might or might not encounter on the road.

man on a jackhammer?????

10) In Alberta, Canada, chips means gravel.

11) tom-tom doesn’t like Canada.

12) Canadian fast food is excellent, and Canadians really are super helpful and nice to strangers.

13) Alberta and Saskatchewan look pretty much exactly like Ohio.

14) We still have no idea why people call the Alaska Highway the Alcan. NOWHERE on that road is it called that.

15) Muncho Lake is GORGEOUS.

16) Bison are BIG. And kind of adorable.

17) If you want to know how Canadians drive, but don’t have a passport, jsut go to Michigan. They drive like that.

18) South Dakota has pink highways. No, really! And no one could tell me why.

19) Wall Drug is cool and can keep you entertained for 400 miles.

20) Both Canadian and US customs ask really random questions.

21) Even though Canton, Ohio is barely a city, most people in the country seem to know where it is.


I am from… August 14, 2013

At the end of my trip to Alaska, one of our leaders had us all write a poem called I am from. We wrote it to help us think through who we are not according to the things we do, but according to our relationships and the places and people we come from. Here is mine.

I am from a small house.
I am from the neighborhood of close-parked cars and riding bikes on the sidewalk.
I am from summer nights sitting on the porch singing songs with friends.

I am from the lake.
I am from the green water and muck fights and algae in my hair.
I am from waffle lunch at Grandma’s house on Sunday afternoons.
I am from walking in a line of cousins out to the furthest point of the peninsula.
I am from fishing in the dog’s water bowl and playing pirates in the loft.

I am from stories.
I am from my great grandmother who stood against doctors and rules and trusted her culture.
I am from my great grandfather who ran away and found home.
I am from my grandmother who held her family together with strength and courage and a needle.
I am from my grandfather who fought fire and alcohol and himself and finally conquered them all.
I am from my mother who cares for all–from the greatest to the least.
I am from my father, a warrior for his mind, his heart, and his family.
I am from the green hills and mossy mountain and music that breaks your heart.
I am from trees that spread their arms in welcome and protect with their leafy shade.
I am from the history of words and written life, from years of conflict and beauty boiled down to hopeful art.

I am from questions and yearning curiosity.
I am from stars and atoms and unstoppable force/
I am from the mysteries of thought and consciousness.
I am from the need to discover.

I am from love.
I am form the One who created the infinite, vast spaces and the microscopic worlds.
I am from grace that gives all i need without asking.
I am from the favor of the Most High God, who shelters me under his wings.
I am from the original musician, who sings over me with incomprehensible love.


An apology August 12, 2013

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I still exist as a blogger, I promise!!!!! I just got back to Ohio on Friday and to my house yesterday evening. I do apologize for the lack of updates this summer but Internet was scarce for me up there and I lack some diligence in posting when I don’t have access to my own computer. However, I plan to resume my Wednesday and Friday posting and also to post more news on my book! But for at least a few months you will be reading all sorts of Alaska posts because let’s face it, Alaska is the shiz. That’s all for now, but I will try to post some more later when I am on my computer instead of my phone.