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Listing December 14, 2015

1. I am now about seven months pregnant, and the best word I can find to describe pregnancy in general is “weird”. 

2. It is almost Christmas and by next Christmas I will have a kid probably walking around. 

3. I want to take way more amazing pictures of where I live, because the landscape here is like a fairy tale and more people need to see it. 

4. I love Instagram for its artists and I kind of hate Facebook, but it is so darn convenient for staying in touch with people. 

5. I’m not super into shopping for baby stuff, because, well I don’t really care that much about what stuff looks like. Clothes and things are adorable but I really don’t have much preference as far as other stuff goes. 

6. Descriptions for breast pumps are really awkward and specific. 

7. I really wish I could wear stretchy pants and sweatshirts 24/7, but I work at a school, so…..that’s not gonna happen. 

8. Maternity clothes are overrated. We should just go back to big, baggy tunics, medieval style. So much more comfortable. 

9. I really want to see what my girl looks like, because she is so incredibly active and I just know she is making some crazy faces in there. 

10. This list was way longer than I expected. 

11. Here is a picture.



Practice Makes Perfect? March 26, 2013

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Today I practiced reading and writing in Arabic for like three hours. And then I sent a picture of my writing to my friend who is going to help me to learn Arabic script better, and he said that it was good. There’s hope yet! Even more exciting was when I could read some of the Arabic words on my friend’s Facebook page! Granted, I don’t know what the words all mean, but I can read them and pronounce them!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I’m a nerd.