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Foto Friday!!!! from the big(ger…) city! January 4, 2013

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Tonight is Friday night. And as such, one should celebrate the end of the work week by going out! Unfortunately, small town Ohio doesn’t afford many options. So my roommate and I go to slightly less small town Ohio to Books A Million and buy weird books about bad crochet patterns, color pictures of sheep, and drink not so good coffee from the bookstore. I’m also planning on working on my French with my vintage French workbooks, and possibly working on my story. Yeah, we know how to party!

Coloring, coffee, and blog updating

Vintage French!

Yeah....she's a math teacher.

Also, there is a large man snoring loudly right next to us. In the bookstore coffee shop. AWESOME.


2013, episode 1 January 1, 2013

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Started with a tasty breakfast of cinnamon rolls, dairy-free quiche, apples and strawberries. I was the first person to wake up in my house after an awesome party that my roommate and I hosted last night. There was dancing, debating, mafia-ing, eating of cake(Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!!), and much playing of music and singing. We also discovered that my boyfriend is a great dj.

And now I am very tired, but very happy to have so many of my wonderful friends here in my house! I love when you have people to fill up a house. It makes it feel more purposeful.

And now, to start off the new year by writing. EVERY DAY. That is the only resolution I am going to make. Just write.

oh, and possibly to become more fluent in French. which could be possible now that my friend Hannah brought me a giant box full of French books!


Viernes, el dia para fotos November 30, 2012

Pues, hoy voy a escribir en español. Ou possiblement, francais…

Or maybe I’ll just stick to English.

As usual, it is friday, and I did not plan which foto I would post. today, I actually worked in the morning, instead of closing at the restaurant, which is different from the past month or so, and I am finding it strange to have a Friday evening to myself. It’s not as if there is much to do here on Friday nights though. I came home from work and ate my delicious lunch from work, then took a nap because my head hurt. Then, (oh the excitement!) I went to the mall with my roommate to buy yarn and eat taco bell. Very riveting activities….

For today’s foto, I shall post a picture that I took on my writing retreat weekend in Hocking Hills a couple of weeks ago. It was fun and lovely.

Capture the light

We were climbing and hiking around in Ash cave, and the sun was beginning to set, so the light was GORGEOUS, and the sun was in the perfect position to do some fun pictures. This one turned out fabulous, methinks.

In a slightly related note to the beginning of my post, I am trying to practice my foreign language skills more. At one time, I was very comfortable speaking Spanish a lot…now I haven’t used it in a long time, so I’m a bit more timid. Also, I’m trying to speak French more, and learn Arabic. It’s going slowly. But I think I will try to post more about languages, to motivate me to keep up with learning them.


Wednesday is for poets. October 3, 2012

So I know it is barely Wednesday, but I just had a wonderful idea that will help me to be more regular and less spastic about posting….a kind of dietary fiber for my blog habits, if you will….okay, that was kind of a gross metaphor….

ANYWAY, Wednesday shall now be for poetry on my blog. I LOVE poetry. I have a very wonderful creative writing professor to thank for that. Before I took her class, I occasionally enjoyed poetry, but now I read it voraciously and occasionally even write some. Mostly when I wrote poetry it is for condensing my thoughts and emotions into something that I can actually manage and digest (what is with the bodily function metaphors tonight???), but sometimes I also like to write it because it focuses my writing better and forces me to choose all the right words. (“Le mot juste” as Flaubert said…I think it was Flaubert…) Writing poetry made me realize how awesome revising can be.

Therefore, from now on, every Wednesday I will post a poem, either by myself, a friend, or a complete stranger whose words I thoroughly enjoyed. For my premiére semaine (That’s first week in French…wow, more French! Apparently I become more multilingual late at night.) I’ll post one of my own. This poem is a good picture of how my mind works…I am always asking a million questions about a million different subjects. I’d love any feedback or comments!


How does a hibiscus hold pollen? Is pumice light as air? What frills
an iris petal? Aren’t all plants geophytes? What are the uses
of yarrow? Why are ferns poison, but fiddleheads
food? How does one study a wave? Why do
thimbleberries taste velvety smooth? How
do the French say bougainvillea? What
makes a girasole burn red? Why is
obsidian like shadows? Is carbon
the sole base of life? Where
does love ferment? Why
are people blind? When
will I see you again?
Why do you burn
in my mind?