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Book review on The Eyre Affair December 8, 2014

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Super smart, witty and full of what ifs, this book was so much more complex and full than I expected. Revamping the classics is kind of a trend right now, what with the YouTube vlogs like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved, to the monster retellings likeSense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, to the tv shows like Sherlock. I love these retellings that are giving new life to great works of literature and introducing them to new audiences. Sometimes they can be a bit forced though, and since they are adaptations, the story is predictable. This book, on the other hand, is far from predictable.
The Eyre Affair is set in an alternate earth, one where bananas don’t exist, where genetically recreated did birds are the most popular pet, and where literature is the driving force of all society. Now that may sound a bit preposterous, dull even, but Jasper Fforde creates this world so thoroughly that it is almost easy to see it being possible. The story revolves around Thursday Next, a woman who works as a Literatec— a kind of literary police that protect works from being altered. Thursday Next is good at her job, and she likes it, but she quickly gets involved in a case that stumps everyone, where an original manuscript is stolen and the culprit is the most dangerous man in the world. Her life instantly turns upside down and she is forced to change jobs, move towns, and even time travel to investigate this case.
I don’t want to say much more because the glory of the story is in the unfolding of the world that Fforde creates, complete with its culture. I love how his characters are so real, yet they live in a world that seems ridiculous to us, where the most famous celebrities are authors who have been dead for decades in a society that is obsessed with literature. It does make a good commentary on the ridiculous nature of our pop culture, and the fads that we love and participate in. This book is not exactly a light read though. While the mystery aspect is appealing to most readers, it includes a lot of grammatical and literary terminology and jokes that only hose who have studied language and literature will catch. It also mentions a lot of authors and history, so it is necessary to be familiar with that too. However , Fforde is excellent at summarizing the main works of literature, such as Jane Eyre, from where the title is taken, and Martin Chuzzlewit, which makes a hefty appearance as well. I loved reading this excellent novel, and I cannot wait to get the next ones in the series. Many thanks to my fellow literature nerd, Hannah, for introducing this title to me, and for sending me her extra copy all the way to Alaska! She truly understands the importance of a good story 😉



And now, in book news… September 22, 2013

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Danielle (http://norithmetic.wordpress.com/) has vowed that she will stand outside my house and throw tomatoes at me, and then steal my favorite tea if I don’t send her my first three chapters by October 21st. Hopefully that is enough of a deadline for me to do it. I think this will work!


A Foto from Friday, but on Sunday.

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I’m a procrastinator, and I hold too much information in my head at one time to remember everything that I need to do in one day.

So here’s a picture that I should’ve posted on Friday.

Picture credit goes to my friend Cailey, who is an amazing photographer.

Alaska looks like this. No joke!
Alaska looks like this. No joke!



Part the third, walking in the park. September 16, 2013

Continuing the theme of strange coincidences
That aren’t actually coincidences,
I was walking in the park later that day
With my friend from college.
There is a thing that happens
When people ask me about the book
I am writing.
This thing annoys me,
But only because I cannot control
Myself, and I hate being out of control.
I begin to spout my whole story,
Themes, characters, plot outlines,
Names, places, action,
Anything that pops into my head.
For some reason, people still seem interested
But it vexes me to no end.
I wish to be mysterious,
To reveal just enough about my project
To interest a stranger,
Then leave them thirsty for more.
Instead I spray them with a fire hose.

My friend was still interested,
But my sister really had to pee.
So we found a bathroom,
Which, by the way, are difficult
To find in Central Park.
We sat on the ground while we waited
And a man walked by with an adorable
Dachshund in a pink sweater.
Well, the dog walked past first,
Followed by the man.
As we pet the dog, the man immediately
Began to spout the most random story
About his daughter. My friend and I had spoken
A greeting and nothing else,
When he recounted details
Of how his daughter wrote all the time
And never could seem to get a break,
When suddenly a major publisher discovered
Her talent and now she was selling her works.
Not two minutes before the pink-clad dachshund had
Approached us, I had been lamenting to my friend
That I didn’t have much hope in becoming successful
At my passion as far as making it into a career.
After his story, the man wished us a nice day,
And promptly walked away.
After that, I had a little more hope,
In spite of my procrastination,
In spite of my quirkiness,
In spite of my heartbreak and lack
Of motivation, I had a little bit of hope.


A walk in the park, a poem…. Roughly September 4, 2013

“Girl, your hair is so fabulous
it actually turned me
straight for a whole minute!”
He grinned as he talked us up.
His smile was sincere and his laugh
Genuine and when he asked
For money for Sandy relief
We didn’t even care if he was
Scamming us or not.
The trees overhead dripped gently
From the morning’s light rain,
And the wind blew my sister’s
Hair into a wavy mane.
It really did look fabulous,
As much as our meeting
With him.

We walked towards the fountain,
THE fountain, right in the middle.
We needed to find it because
Of the terrible angels.
We got sidetracked by the echoes
In the tunnel, echoes of harmony
And violin and classical guitar.
We stood to listen for as many
Songs as they would sing,
And stayed for some repeats.
The soprano made us cry.

To be continued….I have to go practice some music with a bunch of youths!


Today August 20, 2013

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Not the show, just the day.

Today kind of sucked.

Started off kind of grumpy, and from then on had to keep reminding myself why I am where I am. Because God wants me here. Lots of work stress happened today, on top of the fact that my jaw hurts because my wisdom teeth are deciding to jump around a bit in my mouth. It’s a pretty fantastic feeling to have the day before I have to to talk to students all day. I came home today wanted to yell and cry and punch things.

But, God always helps me, even when I forget to ask him. I got to laugh a bit, courtesy of Kelly, who somehow can always make me smile, and  I miraculously managed to get everything done for tomorrow. I still have no books and no curriculum, by I do have something to teach tomorrow and that is all I can hope for right now.

All that to say that The New York edition, part two won’t happen until tomorrow. Sorry, big sister!


Just some feeeeeeeelings August 18, 2013

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I know, ewwwwww, right? But as I discussed with my friend Anni while I was in Alaska, the feelings will come later. And it’s later, folks, so here they come!

I mean, I got a little emotional right before we got to my parents house on our drive home. That was mostly because I really did miss my family and friends and I was excited to see them, but I really was missing Alaska too. Normal stuff.

Here’s a story of what I did today.

I went to church, which was lovely. It was a bit strange being back in a bigger church where I don’t know everyone, and honestly, I didn’t really want to go this morning, but I asked God to help me have the right attitude and it was great. Very small town Ohio, very not Kake, but still really encouraging. After church I chatted with some people and was about to walk out the door when an older lady stopped me. She said she always loved seeing me when I sang on the platform (even though I didn’t sing this week), and that she loved how I dressed up. then she told me a little bit about herself. It was probably a three minute conversation, but I had never talked with this lady before, even though she obviously had noticed me for awhile. It was so nice and encouraging and uplifting. I thanked her, then walked to my car.

When I got to my car, I wanted to cry. That one woman coming up to me and sharing a small bit of her life with me just reminded me of Alaska so much. I can’t really say why, but her kindness was overwhelming and just brought everything up to the surface. For the rest of the afternoon I was just, well, sad. Not depressed though, just missing all my friends and family in Kake.

So I made some fancy pizzas. And then I baked an apple pie. And now I’m writing a sad blog post while texting my friend Kassandra. Those things are helping a little.  But the thing is, that I start work again tomorrow, and I know that my mind will be so occupied with crazy work stuff that I might start missing it less. And that kind of makes me sad too. Basically, I still don’t know how to process or express emotions. Hence, the overly emotional blog posts. Writing seems to help a little though, so just bear with me readers. I promise that soon, I will start writing more informative and uplifting stories, but for now, your’e gonna be stuck with the sad apple pie stories.