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In light of the debate, and people’s argumentative and disheartening responses… July 1, 2014

“It is precisely women’s experience of God that this world lacks. A world that does not nurture its weakest, does not know God the birthing mother. A world that does not preserve the planet, does not know God the creator. A world that does not honor the spirit of compassion, does not know God the spirit. God the lawgiver, God the judge, God the omnipotent being have consumed Western spirituality and, in the end, shriveled its heart.”
― Joan D. Chittister

Props to my best friend for finding this quote. The problem with our society is not that we have issues and need to debate them. The problem is that we need God so badly. We need to learn to love one another and see each other the way our Creator sees us. Until that happens, nothing will change. Arguing does no good. Keep your beliefs. Explain them to people. But be kind, be compassionate, and women, be the woman that you are—relational, nurturing, wise, independent, and powerful. I am a Christian and I am a feminist. It is possible to be both, and I believe that when a person truly sees God, they also see other human beings in the right way too. Stop arguing and start listening.


Just some feeeeeeeelings August 18, 2013

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I know, ewwwwww, right? But as I discussed with my friend Anni while I was in Alaska, the feelings will come later. And it’s later, folks, so here they come!

I mean, I got a little emotional right before we got to my parents house on our drive home. That was mostly because I really did miss my family and friends and I was excited to see them, but I really was missing Alaska too. Normal stuff.

Here’s a story of what I did today.

I went to church, which was lovely. It was a bit strange being back in a bigger church where I don’t know everyone, and honestly, I didn’t really want to go this morning, but I asked God to help me have the right attitude and it was great. Very small town Ohio, very not Kake, but still really encouraging. After church I chatted with some people and was about to walk out the door when an older lady stopped me. She said she always loved seeing me when I sang on the platform (even though I didn’t sing this week), and that she loved how I dressed up. then she told me a little bit about herself. It was probably a three minute conversation, but I had never talked with this lady before, even though she obviously had noticed me for awhile. It was so nice and encouraging and uplifting. I thanked her, then walked to my car.

When I got to my car, I wanted to cry. That one woman coming up to me and sharing a small bit of her life with me just reminded me of Alaska so much. I can’t really say why, but her kindness was overwhelming and just brought everything up to the surface. For the rest of the afternoon I was just, well, sad. Not depressed though, just missing all my friends and family in Kake.

So I made some fancy pizzas. And then I baked an apple pie. And now I’m writing a sad blog post while texting my friend Kassandra. Those things are helping a little.  But the thing is, that I start work again tomorrow, and I know that my mind will be so occupied with crazy work stuff that I might start missing it less. And that kind of makes me sad too. Basically, I still don’t know how to process or express emotions. Hence, the overly emotional blog posts. Writing seems to help a little though, so just bear with me readers. I promise that soon, I will start writing more informative and uplifting stories, but for now, your’e gonna be stuck with the sad apple pie stories.


I am from… August 14, 2013

At the end of my trip to Alaska, one of our leaders had us all write a poem called I am from. We wrote it to help us think through who we are not according to the things we do, but according to our relationships and the places and people we come from. Here is mine.

I am from a small house.
I am from the neighborhood of close-parked cars and riding bikes on the sidewalk.
I am from summer nights sitting on the porch singing songs with friends.

I am from the lake.
I am from the green water and muck fights and algae in my hair.
I am from waffle lunch at Grandma’s house on Sunday afternoons.
I am from walking in a line of cousins out to the furthest point of the peninsula.
I am from fishing in the dog’s water bowl and playing pirates in the loft.

I am from stories.
I am from my great grandmother who stood against doctors and rules and trusted her culture.
I am from my great grandfather who ran away and found home.
I am from my grandmother who held her family together with strength and courage and a needle.
I am from my grandfather who fought fire and alcohol and himself and finally conquered them all.
I am from my mother who cares for all–from the greatest to the least.
I am from my father, a warrior for his mind, his heart, and his family.
I am from the green hills and mossy mountain and music that breaks your heart.
I am from trees that spread their arms in welcome and protect with their leafy shade.
I am from the history of words and written life, from years of conflict and beauty boiled down to hopeful art.

I am from questions and yearning curiosity.
I am from stars and atoms and unstoppable force/
I am from the mysteries of thought and consciousness.
I am from the need to discover.

I am from love.
I am form the One who created the infinite, vast spaces and the microscopic worlds.
I am from grace that gives all i need without asking.
I am from the favor of the Most High God, who shelters me under his wings.
I am from the original musician, who sings over me with incomprehensible love.


YAY! May 23, 2013

Hopefully this summer I will be able to post at least once a week….and they should be pretty interesting posts, because I am going to Alaska!!!!

I’m going with a ministry that I went with before, and I have to raise support for it. I started kind of late, and didn’t get lots of responses from people. It was kind of frustrating, but I knew that no matter what, I was still going to go. Well, tonight, some of my friends just told my roommate and I (she is going too), that they will cover the rest of our support!!!!!! HOLY CRAP, MAN!!!!!! (to be fair, I didn’t say crap when they told us….hey, nobody is perfect.)

This is such a weight off my chest. I have been praying about this for weeks. The first awesome response was from one of my family members who gave me a really amazing gift for the trip, and now this happens!

I kind of suck at the fundraising thing…like…really really really suck at it. I am just bad at getting motivation to ask for money, or even once I have asked, it just seems like I am stuck in a no-fundraiser-for-you bubble. Yet somehow, every time I have to raise funds and God wants me to go somewhere, the money comes in. Last time I went to Alaska, I got the EXACT amount of support I needed on the day that the trip started. yet, for some reason, I still get eenchy and annoyed and doubt God whenever I am in these situations. Silly me…

So there you have it, blogging for the summer from the amazing state of Alaska (and the other states we pass through while we are driving up there, and Canadian amazingness and nature!!!!) It should be an interesting couple of months!


Pretty nifty! March 14, 2013

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Today I was asked if I wanted to work more hours at the school where I work tutoring a new student who speaks only Spanish. I of course said yes, because it means I get to speak Spanish even more! (And i get paid more, duh.) Anyway, I think it’s pretty nifty how in only a couple of months, I have gone from having a part time job at a restaurant, to having a full time teaching/translating/tutoring position without even having to apply for anything! God is really awesome.


AWESOME. January 17, 2013

And I’m not even being sarcastic with that all caps title!

Here’s the interesting and wonderful story of my week.

On Monday, I went to work and lamented to myself a little about how it’s pretty blah and doesn’t pay much, and I need to look for a new one soon.

On Tuesday, my cousin went back to Toledo, and I slept until noon. At noon, while I was still being a bum in bed because I didn’t work until three that day, my friend Colleen called me. I didn’t pick up because I was slightly embarrassed that I was still in bed at noon, and I didn’t want to answer with my groggy sleep voice. So I checked the message later, and it turns out she wanted to know if I was interested in an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring job at the high school. She called again that night, but I was at work, so I missed it again. I thought to myself, hey, this could be a good opportunity, i definitely need to call her back.

On Wednesday, I called her back in the morning, expressing my interest, then went to work Again, blah, low pay, but hey, maybe I’ll have a new job soon! Colleen called me back that afternoon and talked to me for about twenty minutes explaining what the job was, and that they really really REALLY needed someone, and would I mind if she gave the principle my number to contact me. I said “of course”, of course! My hopes went up even more!

On Thursday, oh wait, I mean today, I was sleeping. I had my alarm set for 8:30 because I thought to myself, “hey, self, don’t be a bum today. get up early, even though you don’t have to work until three.” Well, at 8:16 am, my phone starts ringing. I was right in the middle of a dream….i think it was about traveling, or food….but it was very vivid, and then I heard my phone. I saw it was the principal calling me. Crap, man, i can’t answer the phone with sleepy groggy voice! Embarrassing! Again!!! So I got up really quick, ran to the bathroom, drank some water, and called her back. It turns out that she wanted to see me today. So I hurriedly got dressed, turned on my computer (which took about 30 minutes to turn on all the way….ugh.) so I could print off my resume, which was still unfinished from this summer, got dressed, and went to the high school at 10:30. Yes, a mere two hours after the call.

And by 11:00 I was hired.

The end.


Haha, not really. The moral of this story is you never know how God is going to provide for you. Here I was sitting in my house, thankful for what I had, but starting to feel pretty miserable because I felt like I was going nowhere, and BAM! out of the blue, I get this job dropped in my lap. A job that pays almost triple what I make now, a job that uses my love of languages, a job that is still only part-time, which means I can still write!!!!!!! Basically, the perfect thing for me right now. Coincidence? I think not.  So hey, thanks God, for being awesome, even when I’m being whiny.