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A personal update… December 6, 2014

Apparently I’m only posting once a month now….I will definitely try and change that though. I just posted a book review. I actually have three of them already written, and about three more to write, so that is a good number of posts right there.
I’ve now been married over a month! Woooooooo! It is still weird to say that, and I still haven’t officially changed over my name and such. Who knew that name changes are so crazy? Nobody ever tells you that when you get married. So, I’m announcing it to the world. If you are getting married, and planning on changing your name, that is the hardest part! Beware! You have to get a copy of your marriage license, and then go to the social security office to get a new social security card, and then get a new ID, and then change over whatever bank accounts or financial things you have…..at least changing your name on emails and social media is easy.
I’m currently hanging out in Juneau for about a week. I thought I’d be antsy without anything to do, but my husband’s family is cool about involving us, so we are doing some babysitting, going to a birthday party, going to a pay off party, and I am helping my aunt make tons of Christmas cookies and decorate her house! I’m glad to stay busy.
I started a new job too! I’m working at the Boys and Girls Club as the new Program Director. It is part time, but it is every day, so it is nice to have a regular income on top of subbing. I really like working with the kids too. Doing after school programs is nice because I get to have more one on one time with the students and do some fun activities.
Well, I think that is a sufficient update. More book reviews to come soon!