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Music December 13, 2015

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When I was a kid, it seemed like my dad listened to Phil Keaggy ALL  the time. And Yes. 

When I was a kid I thought it was annoying because for some reason I thought that music that was mostly instrumental was boring. 

But now, I love it. Okay, maybe not all of Yes, but I definitely like some of their dogs. And Phil Keaggy— he is honestly one of most amazing musicians I’ve ever heard. 

So I’m pretty grateful that when I was a kid, my dad didn’t let me dictate the musical choices because now I have the ability to listen and remember and appreciated the beauty of music that has no words. 


Dear Mumford and Sons May 21, 2015

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Where is your banjo? Where is your bluegrass? Where is your epic dynamics? Why do you sound like Coldplay now?
Listening to the new album has made me a little sad. They sound like they maybe sold out to what popular style is now? I don’t know, I can’t really judge professional musicians because it’s their job and they have to write what is going to be listened to at the time, but this music sound nothing like Mumford and sons and it makes me very sad. 


some ramblings September 18, 2013

Since I’ve posted poetry twice already this week, I’ll continue to upset my own pattern and NOT do a poem today. Instead, I’m just going to ramble a bit.
I know blogs aren’t quite the place for journaling, but sometimes I process better if I can get feedback.

I’m having some problems getting back into my book. I know where I want to go with it, but I’m at a weird standstill where I have no motivation to jump back in even though I want more than ANYTHING to finish the draft.

I have this picture in my head of what my life will feel like once I’ve finished this book. Of course, every artist has delusions of grandeur, as well as a disillusioned sense of what actually will happen, which is not grand at all, but I have a strange feeling, that in spite of all of my doubts, people will maybe want to read this thing I’m writing. So gosh darn it, I need to finish it! Why can’t I?

There are numerous possibilities:

1) I care a lot about my job, but it makes me tired, so I use that as an excuse to not write when I get home.

2) I get distracted when I should be writing by various things–usually in the form of Netflix.

3) I’m still overwhelmed by how much freaking work it takes to finish a book!!!! Cheesh!!!!

4) I don’t have an actual deadline, and procrastination only works when there are consequences for not finishing something on time.

The first two are stupid. The second two are more legitimate. Mostly, I think it would help me to have a real deadline, but since fiction doesn’t really sell until you have a finished draft, I’m kind of stuck in a weird catch-22 moment. I probably just need to get some more self-control and write. Or hire someone to beat me up if I don’t finish by a certain time, like that guy in the Pink Panther movies that hides in Inspector Clouseau’s house and attacks him when his guard is down. Okay, that may not be the best option, but I’m seriously contemplating something of the like, because I’m very stuck right now. Very, very, very, very stuck.

For now, I’m trying to kick start my imagination and artistic motivation by crossing mediums and dabbling in some painting, drawing, and jewelry making. I’m also reading some weird scifi books and calling it research. I need some new music though. Any suggestions would be welcome.

End ramblings.


A walk in the park, continued. September 15, 2013

Even when you are walking in the park, life is not always a walk in the park.
My sister and I had just finished listening to “Amazing Grace” and we sat
in a little protected stone nook overlooking the fountain.
We were talking about my recent break up,
about our hair,
and about God and his amazing ability to interject little points of beauty and hope
into our lives.

He walked past again, but this time,
I noticed his limp. He foot was in a walking cast.
He looked in a hurry. I called out a greeting
as he passed us, and asked how the fundraising
was going. He looked tired.
“I’m in a hurry,” he explained.
“I have to finish this so I can go somewhere
“I hope you finish in time,” either my sister or I said.
I don’t remember how it happened, but somehow,
he told us that he had to go to a funeral.
He spoke of how he didn’t want to go.
My heart began to crack at his story.
Whose funeral? we wondered aloud.
His mother’s.
His mother’s funeral.
He didn’t want to go.
His sister hated him for his lifestyle,
and he didn’t have much time left,
and he only found out that his mom passed
two days before
because his bitter sister refused to tell him.
His eyes were so tired.

What do you ask when this happens?
What do you say when a stranger speaks
their heart?
How do you comfort such brokenness?
All I thought was to ask a question.
“What was your mother’s name?”
I didn’t even know his name,
but it felt important to know this little
detail. “Rebekah,” was his reply.
My sister and I looked at each other.
My sister’s name is Rebekah.
I can’t even describe his face.
It wasn’t that he almost cried,
or that we had done anything special to give him comfort.
He looked noticed.

Like he realized what we had just been singing,
“Amazing Grace.”


I am from… August 14, 2013

At the end of my trip to Alaska, one of our leaders had us all write a poem called I am from. We wrote it to help us think through who we are not according to the things we do, but according to our relationships and the places and people we come from. Here is mine.

I am from a small house.
I am from the neighborhood of close-parked cars and riding bikes on the sidewalk.
I am from summer nights sitting on the porch singing songs with friends.

I am from the lake.
I am from the green water and muck fights and algae in my hair.
I am from waffle lunch at Grandma’s house on Sunday afternoons.
I am from walking in a line of cousins out to the furthest point of the peninsula.
I am from fishing in the dog’s water bowl and playing pirates in the loft.

I am from stories.
I am from my great grandmother who stood against doctors and rules and trusted her culture.
I am from my great grandfather who ran away and found home.
I am from my grandmother who held her family together with strength and courage and a needle.
I am from my grandfather who fought fire and alcohol and himself and finally conquered them all.
I am from my mother who cares for all–from the greatest to the least.
I am from my father, a warrior for his mind, his heart, and his family.
I am from the green hills and mossy mountain and music that breaks your heart.
I am from trees that spread their arms in welcome and protect with their leafy shade.
I am from the history of words and written life, from years of conflict and beauty boiled down to hopeful art.

I am from questions and yearning curiosity.
I am from stars and atoms and unstoppable force/
I am from the mysteries of thought and consciousness.
I am from the need to discover.

I am from love.
I am form the One who created the infinite, vast spaces and the microscopic worlds.
I am from grace that gives all i need without asking.
I am from the favor of the Most High God, who shelters me under his wings.
I am from the original musician, who sings over me with incomprehensible love.


packing! June 10, 2013

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To Rebekah: I promise I will write about New York, I plan to work on it during some of the TONS of hours I will be on the road during this next week.

To everyone else:

Tomorrow I am leaving to drive up to Alaska! I have been crazy busy this weekend, visiting friends and family from home, going to weddings, and trying not to think about all the stuff I still have to accomplish before I leave tomorrow. But packing day has arrived, and so the chaos begins! I am better at last minute packing anyway, but is still a bit of a crazy process.

So far today this is what I’ve accomplished:

-solidified the itinerary! Lindsey and I went through all the maps I got at AAA and highlighted our tentative routes. Plus, we have a gps and printed directions. I think we are as prepared as we can be on this front.

-started laundry

-wrote a grocery list

-wrote a packing list

-wrote plant care and fish care instructions for our roommate who is watching our house.

-started taking all of my clothes out of the dresser

-made my room look like this:

So far I still need to accomplish the following:
-go grocery shopping

-pick out all the worship music/chords/study material for the trip

-pick out music/audiobooks to listen to in the car

-organize all the gifts and crochet stuff I am bringing for my friends in Alaska

-get my tea tumbler from my roommate’s grandparents house (super important, I NEED my tea!!!!)

-make dinner for my friends who are supporting my roommate and me.

I might not get much sleep tonight.


Running May 19, 2013

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Although I am horrible at running as an activity, I am really quite good at it figuratively. I have lots of practice in running away from my problems, or things that I’m scared of, but I think I am starting to learn how to run toward things now. Like running toward the people in my life that will help me, and running toward the things that God has for me.

So this song is quite appropriate for me right now. And I pray that it is appropriate for anyone else who reads this that needs to know that it is okay to run, as long as you are running towards the answer, and not away from it.


Stoplights, breakdown, we cry, last try
Worlds collide, time to decide
Where you want to go in this great big world
Where you want to go in this great big world
Stuck here too long in this sad song
Lost in a street, everyone has
Vanished and you’re all alone
But you don’t know where to go
Yeah you’re all alone
And you want to go home
Run just as fast as you can
Run, ’til you reach the end
Where the fallen finally land
And your world starts over again

Next page, new day, finding my way
Stumble upon the strength to move on
I am not alone in this great big world
And you are not alone in this great big world

Run just as fast as you can
Run, ’til you reach the end
Where the fallen finally land
And your world starts over again

Run now don’t you look back
Run towards the light straight ahead
Where the lost souls make a beautiful sound
And new life is finally found

Your free, free falling
A new beginning
This is our time

Run just as fast as you can
Run, ’til you reach the end
Where the fallen finally land
And your world starts over again

Run now don’t you look back
Run towards the light straight ahead
Where the lost souls make a beautiful sound
And new life is finally found

Here is a link to the song 🙂