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Listing December 14, 2015

1. I am now about seven months pregnant, and the best word I can find to describe pregnancy in general is “weird”. 

2. It is almost Christmas and by next Christmas I will have a kid probably walking around. 

3. I want to take way more amazing pictures of where I live, because the landscape here is like a fairy tale and more people need to see it. 

4. I love Instagram for its artists and I kind of hate Facebook, but it is so darn convenient for staying in touch with people. 

5. I’m not super into shopping for baby stuff, because, well I don’t really care that much about what stuff looks like. Clothes and things are adorable but I really don’t have much preference as far as other stuff goes. 

6. Descriptions for breast pumps are really awkward and specific. 

7. I really wish I could wear stretchy pants and sweatshirts 24/7, but I work at a school, so…..that’s not gonna happen. 

8. Maternity clothes are overrated. We should just go back to big, baggy tunics, medieval style. So much more comfortable. 

9. I really want to see what my girl looks like, because she is so incredibly active and I just know she is making some crazy faces in there. 

10. This list was way longer than I expected. 

11. Here is a picture.



Pictures May 23, 2015

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i really like taking good pictures. My only camera currently is the one on my phone, which admittedly has a lot of potential, but eventually I would like to get a real camera so I can take awesome pictures. I live in a gorgeous place with some amazing people so it’s a good goal to have. Plus there is just something about photography that I love. The ability to capture beauty if only a tiny glimpse, is something I really admire. 

Here are a couple pictures I took last night of two of my nieces at a dance.  



Foto Friday June 6, 2014

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Here is a picture since it is Friday, and I need to start updating again.


Mmmmmmm Russian dumplings! Food photography is kind of genius. If the photo is taken well, it instantly makes you hungry. It is possibly one of the best advertisements ever.


A Foto from Friday, but on Sunday. September 22, 2013

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I’m a procrastinator, and I hold too much information in my head at one time to remember everything that I need to do in one day.

So here’s a picture that I should’ve posted on Friday.

Picture credit goes to my friend Cailey, who is an amazing photographer.

Alaska looks like this. No joke!
Alaska looks like this. No joke!



Things we learned while driving to and from Alaska. August 16, 2013

In no particular order, as follows:

1) North Dakota smells bad–skunk, sulfur, marshy-poohgas-pigs.

2)Wisconsin has boring license plates.

3)All of Illinois’s highways are under construction, BUT the have BA travel plazas, so it kind of makes up for it.

4) Apparently, we are the only people who loved driving through South Dakota.

we took that looooong red road all the way across!

5) The town of Superior, Wisconsin is full of itself. “Superior: living up to our name.”

6) The Northwest Territories (of Canada) have license plates shaped like polar bears! POLAR BEARS!

7) If you have a friend working at Yellowstone (or perhaps even if you don’t), you can tell the people at the fron gate and they’ll let you in for free, but after you’re in, the staff are real stingy with their information about the whereabouts of said friend.

8) Informational/historical videos at tourist site are pretty much always long-winded, boring, kitschy, and somewhat biased/racist. Also they are usually introduced by extremely slow talkers. The park ranger who introduced the video at Mount Rushmore was like the love child of Captain Kirk and and NPR radio announcer.

9) Canadians must think that no one can read because all of their road sign consist of strangely detailed pictures of what you might or might not encounter on the road.

man on a jackhammer?????

10) In Alberta, Canada, chips means gravel.

11) tom-tom doesn’t like Canada.

12) Canadian fast food is excellent, and Canadians really are super helpful and nice to strangers.

13) Alberta and Saskatchewan look pretty much exactly like Ohio.

14) We still have no idea why people call the Alaska Highway the Alcan. NOWHERE on that road is it called that.

15) Muncho Lake is GORGEOUS.

16) Bison are BIG. And kind of adorable.

17) If you want to know how Canadians drive, but don’t have a passport, jsut go to Michigan. They drive like that.

18) South Dakota has pink highways. No, really! And no one could tell me why.

19) Wall Drug is cool and can keep you entertained for 400 miles.

20) Both Canadian and US customs ask really random questions.

21) Even though Canton, Ohio is barely a city, most people in the country seem to know where it is.


Friday is today, and it is a good one! March 29, 2013

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Being on vacation always makes me forget what day it is. Although it is easier to remember this week because it is Good Friday. Last night I went to a fun get-together to explain Easter traditions and meanings to some of our friends from other countries. It was a really neat time, and a really good reminder for me of what Easter is for. And to think, I almost didn’t go last night because I was worried about possibly running into someone I didn’t want to see….thankfully, I have some really amazing friends who convinced me to go. So, thanks Haley and Amir for not letting me chicken out!

And since it is Friday, here is a foto!!! And it is actually a new one! And why do I keep starting my sentences with and??????

I took this about a week ago at Dawes Arboretum. It is kind of a sad picture, but also really beautiful.

summer leftovers


Foto Friday! March 22, 2013

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I kept thinking that yesterday was Friday because I don’t have to work today. But no, today is Friday! And therefore, here is a foto!




This is in New York City, taken a couple of years ago during my spring break.