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YAY! May 23, 2013

Hopefully this summer I will be able to post at least once a week….and they should be pretty interesting posts, because I am going to Alaska!!!!

I’m going with a ministry that I went with before, and I have to raise support for it. I started kind of late, and didn’t get lots of responses from people. It was kind of frustrating, but I knew that no matter what, I was still going to go. Well, tonight, some of my friends just told my roommate and I (she is going too), that they will cover the rest of our support!!!!!! HOLY CRAP, MAN!!!!!! (to be fair, I didn’t say crap when they told us….hey, nobody is perfect.)

This is such a weight off my chest. I have been praying about this for weeks. The first awesome response was from one of my family members who gave me a really amazing gift for the trip, and now this happens!

I kind of suck at the fundraising thing…like…really really really suck at it. I am just bad at getting motivation to ask for money, or even once I have asked, it just seems like I am stuck in a no-fundraiser-for-you bubble. Yet somehow, every time I have to raise funds and God wants me to go somewhere, the money comes in. Last time I went to Alaska, I got the EXACT amount of support I needed on the day that the trip started. yet, for some reason, I still get eenchy and annoyed and doubt God whenever I am in these situations. Silly me…

So there you have it, blogging for the summer from the amazing state of Alaska (and the other states we pass through while we are driving up there, and Canadian amazingness and nature!!!!) It should be an interesting couple of months!