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Review on Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi February 10, 2014

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I read this book mostly because I love young adult literature, but also because on of my students is going to start reading it for class (which gave me a perfect excuse to gobble up this great piece of fiction).

I like Avi as a young adult author, although I cannot offhand remember any specific works of his that I have read before. I do have vague recollections of browsing the YA section of my library as a kid and picking up a few of his books.
Crispin is a great story, in the historical fiction genre. It is about a boy in the Middle Ages, after the time of the Black Death, in England. He lives in the small village of Stromford, as a poor widow’s son. He is shunned by his village, but does not know why, and when his mother dies, he is chased from the village after an unjust accusation. After this, he embarks on a journey to find safety, and in the process finds out who he truly is. It is fast paced, and extremely informative, with excellent information about the life and times of people in who lived then. Really my only complaint is that the ending was a bit anticlimactic.
I am excited to have my student read this, and also glad that I get to have an excuse to read good books for my job. I read this book in about 4 hours or so (stretched out over a couple of days). If you like the YA genre, you should definitely partake in this story.



Today August 20, 2013

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Not the show, just the day.

Today kind of sucked.

Started off kind of grumpy, and from then on had to keep reminding myself why I am where I am. Because God wants me here. Lots of work stress happened today, on top of the fact that my jaw hurts because my wisdom teeth are deciding to jump around a bit in my mouth. It’s a pretty fantastic feeling to have the day before I have to to talk to students all day. I came home today wanted to yell and cry and punch things.

But, God always helps me, even when I forget to ask him. I got to laugh a bit, courtesy of Kelly, who somehow can always make me smile, and  I miraculously managed to get everything done for tomorrow. I still have no books and no curriculum, by I do have something to teach tomorrow and that is all I can hope for right now.

All that to say that The New York edition, part two won’t happen until tomorrow. Sorry, big sister!


The New York Edition August 19, 2013

To go back in time for a bit and not recount my summer, I shall now tell the tale of when I went to New York City with my big sister over Memorial Day Weekend. This will give you all a break from my Alaska rants. I shall tell it in a slightly experimental form, but I shall endeavor to do the trip justice.


Part One: The airplane
She was not a morning person. She was not an extrovert. Therefore, waking up at four in the morning to sit on an airplane full of people, well, it wasn’t her favorite thing. But early morning flights are cheaper, and if it meant getting to New York to see Once on Broadway for as cheap as possible, then she would just have to suck it up. Of course, when she and her older sister boarded the plane, she WOULD have the middle seat. Ugh. When they sat down, they were quiet for a quite a while. She didn’t remember what started the conversation, but somehow the lady next to her started talking with her. She mentioned something about how she had to pack at the last minute and she almost missed her flight. People like to talk on airplanes. But she wasn’t an extrovert. Luckily for her though, her sister is. I spite of the hour and the lack of personality, they managed to talk with this lady for the whole flight, and it was a good thing she did. You see, she was just about to finish a challenging year of teaching at a school with almost no resources for her Spanish speaking students. And this woman on the airplane just happened to be the principal of on the first elementary schools in Detroit that had a functioning bilingual learning program. A strange coincidence, perhaps? The girl didn’t think so, and it turns out that the entire weekend would be full of these encouraging and enlightening  “coincidences”. She learned so much from this woman on the airplane about what it was like to be part of two cultures and how to balance them. She learned about compassion for students and not despairing at the lack of resources, but suing what you have and being creative. She also started to get the feeling that maybe this weekend would be about more than seeing a show on Broadway.

*tune in tomorrow for the next episode: Part Two: A walk in the park


stuff and stuff. April 28, 2013

Yeah, so I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of regular updates.

It’s the last month of school (teaching) which means lots of stress. Plus other stuff going on in my life adds some more stress. Like the title says, stuff and stuff. Needless to say, I’ve not really had the motivation or the desire to share poetry or photos or even write my book. Mostly I’ve just had the desire to lay in bed all day and sleep. And maybe eat something occasionally, then sleep some more.

Buuuuuuuuuuut, I’m hoping to break out of this rut soon. Things are getting a bit better. I wrote a fairly decent poem the other night, and I talked to my best friend about a lot of stuff, and that alone is encouraging. I’m still really really really REALLY tired, but I have some awesome things to look forward to, and I’m growing a lot.

Some of the aforementioned things to look forward to:

-ALASKA!!!!!!! for practically the whole summer. I get to see some of my old friends and make new ones and be in Alaska!!!!!! it is going to be amazing and challenging and wonderful.

-NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!! my sister and I decided about four days ago that we were going to see Once on Broadway because Arthur Darvill is playing the main character, and anything that combines the awesomeness of Once with the amazing acting skills of the guy who played Rory in Doctor Who is a must-see. So we bought our plane/train/show tickets and are going! I cannot freakin wait! plus, I really miss hanging out with my sister and I have never actually traveled with just her before so it should be amazing and epic. and as an added bonus, I get to see my good friend from college who now lives in New York  because he is an awesome singer and has been auditioning for shows. super funsies!

-And duh! getting a two and a half month vacation when the school year ends!


P.S.- I may share the good poem I wrote on here. But I’m still thinking about it. Poems are strange creatures. Just when I think I’m finished with one, it jumps back out at me as being unfinished….


How futbol saved my sanity. April 2, 2013

For some reason or another, my students simply can’t remember the difference between countries and continents, or their locations. If you were sitting in on my class today, this is the conversation you would have heard, in a strange mashed up mix of English and Spanish, which I will translate (mostly) here for your convenience.

Me: Okay, so we just spelled South America. Now what are some countries in South America?

Students: Asia!

Me: No, Asia is a continent. So is South America. What are some COUNTRIES?

Students: South America!

Me: Again, that is a continent. I am asking for countries. PAISES!(countries in spanish)

Students: Oh! Africa!

Me: AGHHHHHHH!(I didn’t really say that but it almost came out) Africa is a CONTINENT! NOT a country. Name one country in South America. Just one!

Students: France?

Student Aid: (in Spanish) Guys, think about futbol. Where is Messi from?

Students: Oh! Argentina!

Student Aid: which is a country in….

Students: South America!

Me: YES! Now name some other countries you know…that have futbol teams.

Students: Brazil!


Thank you, futbol, for making my students realize that geography does exist and countries are NOT continents. To top it all off, I was also being observed today by a graduate student, so he was sitting in the back trying  not to crack up laughing. What makes this even more frustrating/entertaining is that yesterday in class I spent nearly the entire period going through the world map explaining countries and continents, and they have studied it for about a month in their other English class. Yeah, teenagers…..


*Note: this futbol trick also worked for Europe! As in: “What country has Barca and Real Madrid?”


Pretty nifty! March 14, 2013

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Today I was asked if I wanted to work more hours at the school where I work tutoring a new student who speaks only Spanish. I of course said yes, because it means I get to speak Spanish even more! (And i get paid more, duh.) Anyway, I think it’s pretty nifty how in only a couple of months, I have gone from having a part time job at a restaurant, to having a full time teaching/translating/tutoring position without even having to apply for anything! God is really awesome.


It’s wednesday February 13, 2013

But i don’t have a poem. Valentine’s day is tomorrow, but I don’t really want to post a love poem. I dunno…i’m too lazy to post a poem presently…maybe it’s because i am busy at work…and i am watching the cheesiest, weirdest episode of grey’s anatomy ever. They never should have done a musical episode. bad decision. too much awkwardness. I love musicals, but not mixed with tv medical dramas…

anyhow, that’s my rant. now off to work on the book for a bit and print off worksheets for tomorrow’s class.