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Part the third, walking in the park. September 16, 2013

Continuing the theme of strange coincidences
That aren’t actually coincidences,
I was walking in the park later that day
With my friend from college.
There is a thing that happens
When people ask me about the book
I am writing.
This thing annoys me,
But only because I cannot control
Myself, and I hate being out of control.
I begin to spout my whole story,
Themes, characters, plot outlines,
Names, places, action,
Anything that pops into my head.
For some reason, people still seem interested
But it vexes me to no end.
I wish to be mysterious,
To reveal just enough about my project
To interest a stranger,
Then leave them thirsty for more.
Instead I spray them with a fire hose.

My friend was still interested,
But my sister really had to pee.
So we found a bathroom,
Which, by the way, are difficult
To find in Central Park.
We sat on the ground while we waited
And a man walked by with an adorable
Dachshund in a pink sweater.
Well, the dog walked past first,
Followed by the man.
As we pet the dog, the man immediately
Began to spout the most random story
About his daughter. My friend and I had spoken
A greeting and nothing else,
When he recounted details
Of how his daughter wrote all the time
And never could seem to get a break,
When suddenly a major publisher discovered
Her talent and now she was selling her works.
Not two minutes before the pink-clad dachshund had
Approached us, I had been lamenting to my friend
That I didn’t have much hope in becoming successful
At my passion as far as making it into a career.
After his story, the man wished us a nice day,
And promptly walked away.
After that, I had a little more hope,
In spite of my procrastination,
In spite of my quirkiness,
In spite of my heartbreak and lack
Of motivation, I had a little bit of hope.


The New York Edition August 19, 2013

To go back in time for a bit and not recount my summer, I shall now tell the tale of when I went to New York City with my big sister over Memorial Day Weekend. This will give you all a break from my Alaska rants. I shall tell it in a slightly experimental form, but I shall endeavor to do the trip justice.


Part One: The airplane
She was not a morning person. She was not an extrovert. Therefore, waking up at four in the morning to sit on an airplane full of people, well, it wasn’t her favorite thing. But early morning flights are cheaper, and if it meant getting to New York to see Once on Broadway for as cheap as possible, then she would just have to suck it up. Of course, when she and her older sister boarded the plane, she WOULD have the middle seat. Ugh. When they sat down, they were quiet for a quite a while. She didn’t remember what started the conversation, but somehow the lady next to her started talking with her. She mentioned something about how she had to pack at the last minute and she almost missed her flight. People like to talk on airplanes. But she wasn’t an extrovert. Luckily for her though, her sister is. I spite of the hour and the lack of personality, they managed to talk with this lady for the whole flight, and it was a good thing she did. You see, she was just about to finish a challenging year of teaching at a school with almost no resources for her Spanish speaking students. And this woman on the airplane just happened to be the principal of on the first elementary schools in Detroit that had a functioning bilingual learning program. A strange coincidence, perhaps? The girl didn’t think so, and it turns out that the entire weekend would be full of these encouraging and enlightening  “coincidences”. She learned so much from this woman on the airplane about what it was like to be part of two cultures and how to balance them. She learned about compassion for students and not despairing at the lack of resources, but suing what you have and being creative. She also started to get the feeling that maybe this weekend would be about more than seeing a show on Broadway.

*tune in tomorrow for the next episode: Part Two: A walk in the park


Things we learned while driving to and from Alaska. August 16, 2013

In no particular order, as follows:

1) North Dakota smells bad–skunk, sulfur, marshy-poohgas-pigs.

2)Wisconsin has boring license plates.

3)All of Illinois’s highways are under construction, BUT the have BA travel plazas, so it kind of makes up for it.

4) Apparently, we are the only people who loved driving through South Dakota.

we took that looooong red road all the way across!

5) The town of Superior, Wisconsin is full of itself. “Superior: living up to our name.”

6) The Northwest Territories (of Canada) have license plates shaped like polar bears! POLAR BEARS!

7) If you have a friend working at Yellowstone (or perhaps even if you don’t), you can tell the people at the fron gate and they’ll let you in for free, but after you’re in, the staff are real stingy with their information about the whereabouts of said friend.

8) Informational/historical videos at tourist site are pretty much always long-winded, boring, kitschy, and somewhat biased/racist. Also they are usually introduced by extremely slow talkers. The park ranger who introduced the video at Mount Rushmore was like the love child of Captain Kirk and and NPR radio announcer.

9) Canadians must think that no one can read because all of their road sign consist of strangely detailed pictures of what you might or might not encounter on the road.

man on a jackhammer?????

10) In Alberta, Canada, chips means gravel.

11) tom-tom doesn’t like Canada.

12) Canadian fast food is excellent, and Canadians really are super helpful and nice to strangers.

13) Alberta and Saskatchewan look pretty much exactly like Ohio.

14) We still have no idea why people call the Alaska Highway the Alcan. NOWHERE on that road is it called that.

15) Muncho Lake is GORGEOUS.

16) Bison are BIG. And kind of adorable.

17) If you want to know how Canadians drive, but don’t have a passport, jsut go to Michigan. They drive like that.

18) South Dakota has pink highways. No, really! And no one could tell me why.

19) Wall Drug is cool and can keep you entertained for 400 miles.

20) Both Canadian and US customs ask really random questions.

21) Even though Canton, Ohio is barely a city, most people in the country seem to know where it is.


An apology August 12, 2013

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I still exist as a blogger, I promise!!!!! I just got back to Ohio on Friday and to my house yesterday evening. I do apologize for the lack of updates this summer but Internet was scarce for me up there and I lack some diligence in posting when I don’t have access to my own computer. However, I plan to resume my Wednesday and Friday posting and also to post more news on my book! But for at least a few months you will be reading all sorts of Alaska posts because let’s face it, Alaska is the shiz. That’s all for now, but I will try to post some more later when I am on my computer instead of my phone.


Alaska-face! June 22, 2013

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Sometimes I think that adding face as a suffix to a word makes it a good name. Like Brother-face! or poop-face! or stupid-face! (doctor who fans….anyone????)

Anyway, I am currently sitting in Juneau, Alaska, trying to write a blog post. I’m not doing a very good job. So far, it has been fantastic! Our drive up here from Ohio was incredibly smooth (figuratively, not literally, there were some large gravelly patches in Canada), and the only mishaps were a small crack in my windshield and me misplacing my debit card. We saw lots of animals (bison, black bear, antelope, whales!!!), and now we are chilling and getting to know the group before we head to Kake.

I am so happy to be here. It is incredibly different than my first time, but I love when I can go back to something familiar, but in a different situation. I think that this next six weeks will be challenging but wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what will happen!

Pictures to come!


packing! June 10, 2013

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To Rebekah: I promise I will write about New York, I plan to work on it during some of the TONS of hours I will be on the road during this next week.

To everyone else:

Tomorrow I am leaving to drive up to Alaska! I have been crazy busy this weekend, visiting friends and family from home, going to weddings, and trying not to think about all the stuff I still have to accomplish before I leave tomorrow. But packing day has arrived, and so the chaos begins! I am better at last minute packing anyway, but is still a bit of a crazy process.

So far today this is what I’ve accomplished:

-solidified the itinerary! Lindsey and I went through all the maps I got at AAA and highlighted our tentative routes. Plus, we have a gps and printed directions. I think we are as prepared as we can be on this front.

-started laundry

-wrote a grocery list

-wrote a packing list

-wrote plant care and fish care instructions for our roommate who is watching our house.

-started taking all of my clothes out of the dresser

-made my room look like this:

So far I still need to accomplish the following:
-go grocery shopping

-pick out all the worship music/chords/study material for the trip

-pick out music/audiobooks to listen to in the car

-organize all the gifts and crochet stuff I am bringing for my friends in Alaska

-get my tea tumbler from my roommate’s grandparents house (super important, I NEED my tea!!!!)

-make dinner for my friends who are supporting my roommate and me.

I might not get much sleep tonight.


stuff and stuff. April 28, 2013

Yeah, so I’ve fallen off the bandwagon of regular updates.

It’s the last month of school (teaching) which means lots of stress. Plus other stuff going on in my life adds some more stress. Like the title says, stuff and stuff. Needless to say, I’ve not really had the motivation or the desire to share poetry or photos or even write my book. Mostly I’ve just had the desire to lay in bed all day and sleep. And maybe eat something occasionally, then sleep some more.

Buuuuuuuuuuut, I’m hoping to break out of this rut soon. Things are getting a bit better. I wrote a fairly decent poem the other night, and I talked to my best friend about a lot of stuff, and that alone is encouraging. I’m still really really really REALLY tired, but I have some awesome things to look forward to, and I’m growing a lot.

Some of the aforementioned things to look forward to:

-ALASKA!!!!!!! for practically the whole summer. I get to see some of my old friends and make new ones and be in Alaska!!!!!! it is going to be amazing and challenging and wonderful.

-NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!! my sister and I decided about four days ago that we were going to see Once on Broadway because Arthur Darvill is playing the main character, and anything that combines the awesomeness of Once with the amazing acting skills of the guy who played Rory in Doctor Who is a must-see. So we bought our plane/train/show tickets and are going! I cannot freakin wait! plus, I really miss hanging out with my sister and I have never actually traveled with just her before so it should be amazing and epic. and as an added bonus, I get to see my good friend from college who now lives in New York  because he is an awesome singer and has been auditioning for shows. super funsies!

-And duh! getting a two and a half month vacation when the school year ends!


P.S.- I may share the good poem I wrote on here. But I’m still thinking about it. Poems are strange creatures. Just when I think I’m finished with one, it jumps back out at me as being unfinished….