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A personal update… December 6, 2014

Apparently I’m only posting once a month now….I will definitely try and change that though. I just posted a book review. I actually have three of them already written, and about three more to write, so that is a good number of posts right there.
I’ve now been married over a month! Woooooooo! It is still weird to say that, and I still haven’t officially changed over my name and such. Who knew that name changes are so crazy? Nobody ever tells you that when you get married. So, I’m announcing it to the world. If you are getting married, and planning on changing your name, that is the hardest part! Beware! You have to get a copy of your marriage license, and then go to the social security office to get a new social security card, and then get a new ID, and then change over whatever bank accounts or financial things you have…..at least changing your name on emails and social media is easy.
I’m currently hanging out in Juneau for about a week. I thought I’d be antsy without anything to do, but my husband’s family is cool about involving us, so we are doing some babysitting, going to a birthday party, going to a pay off party, and I am helping my aunt make tons of Christmas cookies and decorate her house! I’m glad to stay busy.
I started a new job too! I’m working at the Boys and Girls Club as the new Program Director. It is part time, but it is every day, so it is nice to have a regular income on top of subbing. I really like working with the kids too. Doing after school programs is nice because I get to have more one on one time with the students and do some fun activities.
Well, I think that is a sufficient update. More book reviews to come soon!


some ramblings September 18, 2013

Since I’ve posted poetry twice already this week, I’ll continue to upset my own pattern and NOT do a poem today. Instead, I’m just going to ramble a bit.
I know blogs aren’t quite the place for journaling, but sometimes I process better if I can get feedback.

I’m having some problems getting back into my book. I know where I want to go with it, but I’m at a weird standstill where I have no motivation to jump back in even though I want more than ANYTHING to finish the draft.

I have this picture in my head of what my life will feel like once I’ve finished this book. Of course, every artist has delusions of grandeur, as well as a disillusioned sense of what actually will happen, which is not grand at all, but I have a strange feeling, that in spite of all of my doubts, people will maybe want to read this thing I’m writing. So gosh darn it, I need to finish it! Why can’t I?

There are numerous possibilities:

1) I care a lot about my job, but it makes me tired, so I use that as an excuse to not write when I get home.

2) I get distracted when I should be writing by various things–usually in the form of Netflix.

3) I’m still overwhelmed by how much freaking work it takes to finish a book!!!! Cheesh!!!!

4) I don’t have an actual deadline, and procrastination only works when there are consequences for not finishing something on time.

The first two are stupid. The second two are more legitimate. Mostly, I think it would help me to have a real deadline, but since fiction doesn’t really sell until you have a finished draft, I’m kind of stuck in a weird catch-22 moment. I probably just need to get some more self-control and write. Or hire someone to beat me up if I don’t finish by a certain time, like that guy in the Pink Panther movies that hides in Inspector Clouseau’s house and attacks him when his guard is down. Okay, that may not be the best option, but I’m seriously contemplating something of the like, because I’m very stuck right now. Very, very, very, very stuck.

For now, I’m trying to kick start my imagination and artistic motivation by crossing mediums and dabbling in some painting, drawing, and jewelry making. I’m also reading some weird scifi books and calling it research. I need some new music though. Any suggestions would be welcome.

End ramblings.


Today August 20, 2013

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Not the show, just the day.

Today kind of sucked.

Started off kind of grumpy, and from then on had to keep reminding myself why I am where I am. Because God wants me here. Lots of work stress happened today, on top of the fact that my jaw hurts because my wisdom teeth are deciding to jump around a bit in my mouth. It’s a pretty fantastic feeling to have the day before I have to to talk to students all day. I came home today wanted to yell and cry and punch things.

But, God always helps me, even when I forget to ask him. I got to laugh a bit, courtesy of Kelly, who somehow can always make me smile, and  I miraculously managed to get everything done for tomorrow. I still have no books and no curriculum, by I do have something to teach tomorrow and that is all I can hope for right now.

All that to say that The New York edition, part two won’t happen until tomorrow. Sorry, big sister!


Just some feeeeeeeelings August 18, 2013

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I know, ewwwwww, right? But as I discussed with my friend Anni while I was in Alaska, the feelings will come later. And it’s later, folks, so here they come!

I mean, I got a little emotional right before we got to my parents house on our drive home. That was mostly because I really did miss my family and friends and I was excited to see them, but I really was missing Alaska too. Normal stuff.

Here’s a story of what I did today.

I went to church, which was lovely. It was a bit strange being back in a bigger church where I don’t know everyone, and honestly, I didn’t really want to go this morning, but I asked God to help me have the right attitude and it was great. Very small town Ohio, very not Kake, but still really encouraging. After church I chatted with some people and was about to walk out the door when an older lady stopped me. She said she always loved seeing me when I sang on the platform (even though I didn’t sing this week), and that she loved how I dressed up. then she told me a little bit about herself. It was probably a three minute conversation, but I had never talked with this lady before, even though she obviously had noticed me for awhile. It was so nice and encouraging and uplifting. I thanked her, then walked to my car.

When I got to my car, I wanted to cry. That one woman coming up to me and sharing a small bit of her life with me just reminded me of Alaska so much. I can’t really say why, but her kindness was overwhelming and just brought everything up to the surface. For the rest of the afternoon I was just, well, sad. Not depressed though, just missing all my friends and family in Kake.

So I made some fancy pizzas. And then I baked an apple pie. And now I’m writing a sad blog post while texting my friend Kassandra. Those things are helping a little.  But the thing is, that I start work again tomorrow, and I know that my mind will be so occupied with crazy work stuff that I might start missing it less. And that kind of makes me sad too. Basically, I still don’t know how to process or express emotions. Hence, the overly emotional blog posts. Writing seems to help a little though, so just bear with me readers. I promise that soon, I will start writing more informative and uplifting stories, but for now, your’e gonna be stuck with the sad apple pie stories.


Part Two May 7, 2013

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“Your sister had one of her breakdowns again yesterday. It was worse this time,” she said as she scraped the last of her husband’s eggs into the garbage disposal. “Your mom called me last night while you were at work.”

“Oh. Why didn’t you tell me?” he replied, sounding unconcerned.

“I would have, but you were so tired when you got home from work last night. It was late. I didn’t want you to be worried.”

He shook his head. “I keep telling her that she needs to go see a doctor, it’s all psychological you know, this problem of hers.”

“I know, but she seems so convincing. It’s like she is in another world altogether. Sometimes I can almost believe that she really is seeing things the way she describes it. Your mom wanted to take her to the hospital, but Sophie kept saying that she couldn’t move, that it hurt too much.”

“Why didn’t she call an ambulance?” he asked. And why didn’t you call me? he thought.

“I guess she was afraid to. When she called me she sounded really scared. I could hear Sophie in the background. It didn’t sound good, but…I didn’t know what to do.” She wiped down the counter and then sat across from her husband at the kitchen table. “I should have called you.”

“It’s okay, Ginny. I couldn’t have done anything anyway. I’ll call her today, to see how she is doing. Maybe I can convince mom to take Sophie to see someone.” He folded up his newspaper and tucked it into his briefcase. He didn’t want to talk about this, not now.

“Okay.” Ginny stood up and wandered to the cupboards, looking for something to do with her hands. “I hope she will be okay,” she muttered. “She’s only seventeen.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine, Ginny. Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry you had to hear my mom so upset.” Not now. Not now. Why do you always have to TALK about things like this?  He wanted to yell at her to drop it, but he knew he couldn’t.

“No, I don’t mind that. It’s just, if you had heard her, Sam, it was like she was a different person. I don’t want to worry you, but I think that something might actually be wrong with her.”

He ignored the last comment. “She just needs to go to a counselor, a priest, anything, and she could get better. It’s the belief in a thing that heals you, not the thing itself. Her problem is that she doesn’t want to get better.” He was impatient now, and more than anything wanted to escape to his car, his job, somewhere to get out of this discussion.

“I suppose I agree,” she said with a reluctant nod. “It’s just that sometimes…sometimes it feel like there could be more to it than that.”

“Maybe. But don’t get too caught up in your feelings or you’ll end up just like my sister,” he chided. “I have to go, honey. I promise I’ll call my mom tonight. And let me know if she calls you again, okay?” He kissed her on the cheek as she stood at the counter, grabbed his briefcase, and walked out the back door.

Ginny opened the cupboard next to the refrigerator took out a coffee mug, and slammed the door shut. How can he be so cold and exacting toward his own sister? she asked herself. And to me? Just for suggesting that Sophie might need more than a good talking to? Where is his heart? She threw her coffee mug into the sink and sat down at the table again. She put her head in her hands and closed her eyes, trying to overcome the frustration. When she opened her eyes, for a split second, she saw nothing but a faint red gleam surrounding her. She blinked it away, shook her head, and went back to the sink to finish cleaning the dishes.


Here we go! January 21, 2013

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Tomorrow I start teaching math and language arts to non-english speaking students. I speak fairly good Spanish, so that should help, but I have never taught math in another language before….actually I have never taught anything in a language other than English. I was doing some lesson planning tonight, and it was very strange to be setting up lessons for teaching English in Spanish. But also fun, and awesome!
I am a bit worried about the math, simply because I have NO idea where they are math-wise or what I will have to teach, but math was actually my favorite subject to teach to my elementary students last year, so I think I will have fun with it. Especially since I am going to use an awesome book that helps to teach math concepts through the visual arts. Teaching math through drawing, sculpture and painting??? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, I still have this nasty head cold, and I have to work my other job all this week too, so I am going to be VERY tired.


AWESOME. January 17, 2013

And I’m not even being sarcastic with that all caps title!

Here’s the interesting and wonderful story of my week.

On Monday, I went to work and lamented to myself a little about how it’s pretty blah and doesn’t pay much, and I need to look for a new one soon.

On Tuesday, my cousin went back to Toledo, and I slept until noon. At noon, while I was still being a bum in bed because I didn’t work until three that day, my friend Colleen called me. I didn’t pick up because I was slightly embarrassed that I was still in bed at noon, and I didn’t want to answer with my groggy sleep voice. So I checked the message later, and it turns out she wanted to know if I was interested in an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring job at the high school. She called again that night, but I was at work, so I missed it again. I thought to myself, hey, this could be a good opportunity, i definitely need to call her back.

On Wednesday, I called her back in the morning, expressing my interest, then went to work Again, blah, low pay, but hey, maybe I’ll have a new job soon! Colleen called me back that afternoon and talked to me for about twenty minutes explaining what the job was, and that they really really REALLY needed someone, and would I mind if she gave the principle my number to contact me. I said “of course”, of course! My hopes went up even more!

On Thursday, oh wait, I mean today, I was sleeping. I had my alarm set for 8:30 because I thought to myself, “hey, self, don’t be a bum today. get up early, even though you don’t have to work until three.” Well, at 8:16 am, my phone starts ringing. I was right in the middle of a dream….i think it was about traveling, or food….but it was very vivid, and then I heard my phone. I saw it was the principal calling me. Crap, man, i can’t answer the phone with sleepy groggy voice! Embarrassing! Again!!! So I got up really quick, ran to the bathroom, drank some water, and called her back. It turns out that she wanted to see me today. So I hurriedly got dressed, turned on my computer (which took about 30 minutes to turn on all the way….ugh.) so I could print off my resume, which was still unfinished from this summer, got dressed, and went to the high school at 10:30. Yes, a mere two hours after the call.

And by 11:00 I was hired.

The end.


Haha, not really. The moral of this story is you never know how God is going to provide for you. Here I was sitting in my house, thankful for what I had, but starting to feel pretty miserable because I felt like I was going nowhere, and BAM! out of the blue, I get this job dropped in my lap. A job that pays almost triple what I make now, a job that uses my love of languages, a job that is still only part-time, which means I can still write!!!!!!! Basically, the perfect thing for me right now. Coincidence? I think not.  So hey, thanks God, for being awesome, even when I’m being whiny.