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Nanowrimo 2016 November 4, 2016

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I am attempting nanowrimo  again, and so far it is going very well! It’s only day four, and I’ve written over 6000 of the required 50,000 words, I’ve commissioned my friend Heidi Black to do the cover art for me, and I realized that writing every night is not only an easy habit to maintain so far, but also a refreshing and fun one too!!! 

Here is a short synopsis of the story. The title is The Inheritance. 
 Set in a world where the different races have animal-like abilities and characteristics, the Inheritance tells the stories of six different people who are searching for their chance to survive in a land that is hostile and unforgiving to those that are different. It follows the lives of the Halfers, children of mixed races, who have the physical characteristics of their parents, but not the abilities, and it tells of each races’ struggles against each other and ultimately against the dreaded Absorbers who can take away anyone’s inheritance at will.

And here is a short excerpt. ( I actually have some bits of this story on previous blog posts too, but they have already changed a little bit now that I’m reworking it.)
 “I am so sorry, brother.” She didn’t know what else to say. How could she explain to him her feelings? She didn’t know what it was like to be stuck between two worlds, to look beautiful, but accomplish nothing, to live in a place where everyone knows what you are and who you are, and no one appreciates you. Her school taught her to pity these Half-people, but what she felt right now wasn’t pity. SHe felt anger. Anger that her brother had no place in life, no safety, and now, no way to even help his family.

 “Welten, when they raided, was anyone else hurt?” Shaash shivered to think of what could happen to all the little ones in the camps.

 Welten smiled grimly. “Thankfully no. Father was amazing. Before they…before they caught him, he killed almost half of their raiding party. He was amazing.” His eyes glistened. 

 “I wish I could see him. To tell him thank you,” Shaash replied. “I wish…I wish I could stay longer.”

 “Can’t you?” Welten whispered. “Please, Shaash-la. I know it is forbidden, but, Woona, she did it before. She came on a day that wasn’t visiting day. She stayed for a whole year before. Couldn’t you, just, sneak away?”

 Shaash’s eyes grew wide. “Welten-Lo, you do not know what it is you ask. the only reason my-our– mother was allowed to return to the lake after her yearlong absence was because of me. It is not in our culture to abandon children.”

 “It isn’t?” The hurt radiated from his eyes. “Don’t you mean it’s not in your culture to abandon fullblood children?”

 “What do you mean?”

 “Shaash, if you could only see what it is like to live in the real world, not in your safe little bubble. If only you knew…” Welten’s voice trailed off. He sighed and ran his hands through his shoulder length, reedy hair. His hair looked just like Woona’s. Shaash looked into his eyes, and saw her own eyes staring back. 


A post a day… May 20, 2015

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….builds a fence. 

So if people can browse Facebook and post all the time, and if I can comment and share pictures and post things on Instagram practically every day, then I can sure as heck write a blog post every day. Plus I feel like this is a better platform for long(er) writing, and I have a nice iPhone now so I have no more excuses. 

So yup. A post a day. Summer is almost here, folks. My writer friends are putting me to shame by being awesome-er than me, and I’m tired of being lazy and not being who I am. 

That’s my post for today. 


A thought  May 19, 2015

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Today my student was sitting at his desk during his journal writing time. He sat there for ten minutes and didn’t write because he didn’t know what to write. I told him, “Just write anything. It’s writing time so you have to write something. ”
Yeah…….Do that. That’s what I told myself afterward. I need to just do that. Why don’t I do that?


No answers. March 9, 2015

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So. Writing. Writing writing writing. Wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting.
I have to make some decisions.
I want to write so badly. I want to be that person who writes things that inspire people to see the world in a new and better way. I want to write but I work and eat and sleep and invest in kids’ lives and give piano lessons and cook and go hung and fishing and watch tv and so many other things and I’m so tired at the end of the day that I don’t even know how to get back into my projects.
But they are all still there, living in my head, begging to be told and shared. I think of that moment when I knew I wanted to share these stories, sitting in a plaza in Toledo, Spain, across from the centuries old cathedral, watching people and thinking about the dream I had the night before that was so vivid and colorful and full of promise. But now I live in a place that is just as beautiful and complex and interesting, but I am so occupied with working and my boss wants me to get my teaching license which means taking education classes and going in a completely different direction and investing time in something that, even if I am great at it, I really don’t want to be my lifetime career.
So, dilemma.
Also my life is falling apart a little right now, but that’s a different story.

I just have no answers and I don’t know anything anymore. All the philosophers would say that is a good start but philosophers were all silly. Smart, and right about things, but stuck in their heads. So, no answers means no answers and no answers.

Any suggestions? Or words of wisdom?

My friends made me a blanket fort to help a little…and let’s be honest, blanket forts are always awesome.


A personal update… December 6, 2014

Apparently I’m only posting once a month now….I will definitely try and change that though. I just posted a book review. I actually have three of them already written, and about three more to write, so that is a good number of posts right there.
I’ve now been married over a month! Woooooooo! It is still weird to say that, and I still haven’t officially changed over my name and such. Who knew that name changes are so crazy? Nobody ever tells you that when you get married. So, I’m announcing it to the world. If you are getting married, and planning on changing your name, that is the hardest part! Beware! You have to get a copy of your marriage license, and then go to the social security office to get a new social security card, and then get a new ID, and then change over whatever bank accounts or financial things you have…..at least changing your name on emails and social media is easy.
I’m currently hanging out in Juneau for about a week. I thought I’d be antsy without anything to do, but my husband’s family is cool about involving us, so we are doing some babysitting, going to a birthday party, going to a pay off party, and I am helping my aunt make tons of Christmas cookies and decorate her house! I’m glad to stay busy.
I started a new job too! I’m working at the Boys and Girls Club as the new Program Director. It is part time, but it is every day, so it is nice to have a regular income on top of subbing. I really like working with the kids too. Doing after school programs is nice because I get to have more one on one time with the students and do some fun activities.
Well, I think that is a sufficient update. More book reviews to come soon!


Serial Monday Episode 1 June 23, 2014

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Serials used to be a HUGE part of the fiction world. I guess in a way, they still are, but now they are manifested as television shows. However, I am of the opinion that serials should make a comeback because blogs are very popular, and people love reading short, fast-paced, interesting stories online. So I am going to write a serial here, every Monday. I have the story in mind, and I even have quite a few characters, so it might end up being very Dickensian in style. I do know that it will be fun, though, because it can go anywhere and turn into anything. Here goes!

Inheritance Episode 1

The marshes stretched all around them, flat, wet, and warm, for miles and miles. This was their second week slogging through the coastal marshland, looking for small settlements and asking for any news of the mystic who could help them. Fira was ready to give up, and the damp air was irritating her skin, making her scales glisten and rub against her clothing uncomfortably. She grew up near the desert, on the outskirts of of the Jumper territory with her mother, but she hadn’t been back there for five years. She couldn’t go back there anyway, but anywhere would be better than these smelly swamps. Marden had insisted on traveling through them on their way to the towns, but she was tired and sore, and so far no one had even heard of Kauanoe. Or if they had, they wouldn’t say so.

The Slicks were notorious for being private and taciturn. Their settlements only consisted of three or four people, and even then, their houses were spread out. The only way to tell that you were actually in a settlement was that a Slick would suddenly appear out of the fog, swathed in their typical greenish garb, looking at you with muddy brown suspicious eyes. They were hard to see even when you were meant to see them, and they were all but invisible when you weren’t meant to see them. But even Fira couldn’t deny that they were a kind people, even if they were very private. She had the features of one of the most hated and feared races in all the lands, yet the Slicks showed no prejudice in their treatment of her. It may have helped that Marden had their same smooth skin and muddy eyes, but the Slicks seemed to make no differentiation between races, even when they found out that Fira and Marden had no inheritance. They listened patiently to their inquiries, provided them with food and shelter for a night, and quietly disappeared the next morning, leaving some supplies for the two travelers as they journeyed to the next settlement.

Marden was resolutely sure that they would find Kauanoe soon. They had to. She had been expelled from her land as soon as she was born, unable to even see her mother except the few times a year that she came on land to visit the Halfer settlements. Marden lived with her father there, a social pariah, for her whole life. When she heard stories of the mystic Slick woman who had the ability to give Halfers an inheritance, her whole life became about finding that woman. She left her village, her father, her brothers and sisters, everything she knew and loved, in order to find Kauanoe. And now, after traveling for three years, she still knew nothing.

When she met Fira, her life got a little brighter, and she appreciated her friendship, but Fira did nothing but complain in the swamps. Marden almost felt at home there. She didn’t have the abilities of the Slicks, and her long, plaited, leafy hair was like her mother’s, but her father had been mostly Slick, so she understood a little bit of the culture. More than Fira at least. Fira never knew anyone but her mother, a Jumper who lived in a village on the outskirts of the territory, a woman with a sad but common story and a daughter that was a constant reminder of her shame. A daughter who looked like the Fangs who conquered and slaughtered hundreds of her people. Fira had a bitter temperament, but her heart was passionate and loyal to those she loved. Marden wished she could have that sense of loyalty, but she only felt longing. She wasn’t even sure if Fira wanted an inheritance, or just a place to hide, but at least she was willing to travel with Marden anywhere, and that made her a good companion. She knew they would come to the towns soon, and once there, it was unlikely they would find out anything other than rumors of Kauanoe. So she stalled as much as she could while they were in the swamps. The Slicks living there had to know something, and she would find out more, even if it took her three more years. She doubted Fira’s loyalty would last that long in these swamps though, so she grew more anxious each day. She knew that they had one more week, at best, before the towns came in sight, and she planned to use every minute to the fullest.


Writing styles March 16, 2014

I was thinking today, a dangerous business, I know, (anyone? Anyone?) and I Thoth about my style of accomplishing things, in work, at home, in relationships, in my hobbies….and I discovered one constant. I am always juggling about ten different things at once, if not more. Teaching and tutoring? I help with fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and twelfth graders in math, science, social studies, and English. Hobbies? Crochet, flower arranging, drawing, painting, baking, cooking, music, sewing, photography… Cleaning my house is almost always an all day thing since I clean, do laundry, wash dishes, and organize my room all at the same time.
My point in this is that with very other part if my life, I multitask. I never work on just one project, and somehow, it still all gets done eventually. So why am I insisting in working only on ones rioting project right now?it seems a bit silly, and I think it might be part if why I am finding it so hard to finish it. I have been reading all these other writers about how to be a good writer, how to finish your projects, how to make it a career, and not looking at my own writing style and what comes naturally to me.
So I decided that it doesn’t matter how other people write. I need to work the way I work best–on a millions if fervent projects at once. Because that keeps my creativity flowing. It makes me have to be creative in my project juggling. And it challenges me to finish multiple things, not just one.

Oh yeah…also I am getting married in November. I haven’t updated in awhile, so I thought the blog world might want to know. No biggie. 😉